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Feed Grade Inositol
Feed Grade Inositol

Inositol is a water-soluble vitamin, which belongs to the B vitamin family. It is an essential source of nutrition for birds, aquatic animals and mammals. It plays a positive role in promoting the growth and development of animals - it can increase appetite, promote cell metabolism and growth.

Inspect Item Quality Standard Inspection Result
Description This product is white crystal or crystalline powder, odorless, sweet, stable in air; soluble in water, insoluble in ether and chloroform. Passed Test
Identification The sample solution produces rose red after identification test. Passed Test
 Melting Point 224. 0—227. 0 224. 0—225.1
 Loss on Drying ≤0.5 Not more than 0. 5 0.06
Ignition Residue ≤O.1 Not more than 0. 1 0.04
Assay ≥ 97.0 Not less than 97. 0 99.34
Heavy Metal ≤ 0.002 Not more than 0. 002 Passed Test
Arsenic ≤ 0.0003 Not more than 0.0003 Passed Test
Fineness Through 1.19mm (16 mesh) analysis sieve≥ 100.0 100
Through 0.59mm (30 mesh) analysis sieve≥90 100


Functions and Applications

1. Application and efficacy of inositol in aquatic feed

Adding inositol to aquatic feed can improve feed efficiency; it can play an anti-fatty liver and growth-promoting role in the biological metabolic process of aquatic animals. It can improve the survival and growth rates of aquatic animals, avoid mortality and increase body weight.

A. Adding inositol to aquatic feed helps to prevent carp family fish from skin lesion, bleeding on the skin surface and fin erosion, thus avoiding death due to diseases caused by inositol deficiency.

B. Adding inositol to aquatic feed improves growth rates and rapid weight gain in aquatic animals such as hybrid tilapia, parrot fish, pompano trevally, black bream, perch, toothfish, spotted catfish, grass carp, chum salmon, eel and sharpnose perch.

C. Adding inositol to aquatic feed can improve the digestive function of aquatic animals and enhance their immunity.

2. Application and efficacy of inositol in large livestock feed

A. Appropriate addition of inositol to feed can promote the appetite of dairy cows, regulate metabolism in dairy cows, promote the synthesis and secretion of milk and increase milk production;

B. Appropriate addition of inositol to the feed can improve the digestion, absorption and utilization of nutrients in dairy cattle feed, and increase nutrient absorption;

C. Appropriate addition of inositol to feed can increase the content of fat, protein and lactose in milk, thereby improving milk quality

3. Application and efficacy of inositol in economical animal feed

Because inositol has the function of promoting hair growth, adding appropriate inositol to the feed of economic animals can make the hair of economic animals grow more thick, improve the quality of fur, and thus increase the economic benefits of farmers.

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