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The price of eggs rose by 40% in a week the Argentine National Institute of Statistics


On March 19 local time, the Argentine National Institute of Statistics and Census released a statistical report stating that in the past week, the price of eggs in Argentina has risen by an average of 40%, and the price of good-quality large eggs has increased by 45%. At present, eggs have become the commodity with the fastest and largest price increase in the country.

Egg prices in Argentina have continued to rise since the beginning of the year, the report said. The main reason is that the high inflation has led to a general rise in domestic prices, the continuous drought has caused a significant reduction in poultry feed production, and the continuous high temperature has caused a large number of laying hens to die. But the report did not mention the impact of the recent bird flu outbreak in Argentina.

The president of the Argentine Poultry Producers Association, Puli Da, had previously stated that the outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza in Argentina has not yet seriously affected poultry production. He also emphasized that the recent outbreak of bird flu in many countries has adversely affected the supply and price of poultry products such as eggs. However, as far as Argentina is concerned, the price increase caused by sustained high inflation is much higher than the increase in egg prices caused by the bird flu epidemic.

According to the news released by the Argentine National Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Food Quality Inspection and Quarantine Bureau on the 18th, the country's official quarantine agency has found 59 confirmed cases of H5 highly pathogenic avian influenza nationwide, involving wild birds and farmers in 11 provinces. Free-range poultry and poultry in large-scale commercial farms.

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