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Threonine chelate zinc/Zinc threonine

Threonine chelate zinc/Zinc threonine


Zinc is one of the essential nutrients for animals to maintain life and growth, and is involved in the composition and metabolism of various enzymes in the body. Threonine chelate zinc can improve the body's immunity, provide animal production performance, and has no toxic side effects. Compared with inorganic trace elements, it has the advantages of high bioavailability, fast absorption and good chemical stability.


The high bioavailability of Threonine chelate zinc may be due to the fact that after the metal element zinc forms a chelate with amino acids, the intramolecular charge tends to be neutral, which can maintain good stability in the digestive tract, and is affected by other inorganic ions or antagonists Small, it is not easy to combine with other substances to form insoluble compounds or be adsorbed on insoluble colloids.
Zinc threonine has good stability in the feed premix, and its damage to vitamin E and vitamin C is significantly less than that of inorganic salts. Zinc glycinate has been widely used in livestock and poultry industry and aquatic animal breeding


Store in dry conditions below 30ยบ C, away from sunlight. After opening, it should be stored in a separate package.

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