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Copper threonine/Threonine chelate copper

Copper threonine/Threonine chelate copper


Copper threonine is absorbed in the digestive tract of poultry and livestock through the amino acid pathway, its absorption rate is fast, the absorption rate is greatly improved, the biological potency is high, and the dosage of feed additives can be reduced.


Copper threonine as an animal feed additive:
1. It can significantly increase the growth rate of finishing pigs, improve their feed remuneration, and help improve the appearance and meat quality of finishing pigs, and is beneficial to the absorption and utilization of iron, zinc and other trace elements.
2. It can significantly improve the reproductive performance and useful life of sows, increase the birth weight and weaning litter weight of piglets, enhance the resistance of piglets to diseases, and improve the survival rate of piglets.
3. It can promote the growth of poultry, improve the utilization rate of poultry feed, enhance the glossiness of poultry feathers, improve the anti-stress ability of poultry, and reduce mortality.
4. It can enhance the immunity of aquatic animals and reduce the incidence of diseases in aquatic animals.
5. It can effectively improve the appearance of the fur of ruminants, maintain the development of the central nervous system, increase the hemoglobin level of ruminants, prevent the occurrence of anemia, increase milk production, and do not affect the content of milk components.


Store in dry conditions below 30ยบ C, away from sunlight. After opening, it should be stored in a separate package.

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