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Zinc oxide

Zinc oxide


Feed grade zinc oxide is an oxide of zinc. Insoluble in water, soluble in acid and strong alkali.

Compared with other varieties of zinc oxide, it has special requirements on indicators: the zinc oxide content should not be lower than 95, the zinc content should not be lower than 76.3, and the heavy metal content of lead, arsenic, and cadmium should not exceed 10 ppm.

The project nameunitTechnical
The measured
Zinc oxide (ZnO%99.7099.75
Zinc oxide (Zn%80.180.0
MetalCounted by dried subtances)%nonenone
Lead (Pb)≤%0.0050.002
HCI insoluble≤%0.0060.0018
Manganic oxide (Mn%0.00010.0001
Cupric oxide ( Cu)≤%0.00020.0001
Burning decer ement≤%0.20.15
Sieve residue (45 um  %0.100.10

105  volatile matter≤


Zinc oxide is generally used in the production of premixed feed, or directly added to finished feed as a general feed.

Application Features

1. Compared with other zinc sources, the cost of zinc oxide per unit of zinc is significantly lower, which is beneficial to the lower cost of feed additives. The added amount is equivalent to 44% of zinc sulfate monohydrate and 28% of zinc sulfate heptahydrate.

2. Zinc oxide is a dry powder zinc source, which has good stability in feed, does not contain water, does not agglomerate, does not change denaturation, and is convenient for feed processing and long-term storage. Little effect on vitamins in the feed.

3. Zinc oxide is used as the zinc source, which is easier to be absorbed by animals than other zinc sources, and the effect of zinc supplementation is good.


Store in dry conditions below 30º C, away from sunlight. After opening, it should be stored in a separate package.

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