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Cobalt carbonate

Cobalt carbonate


Cobalt carbonate is an additive to supplement cobalt. Cobalt is a constituent of vitamin B12. Cobalt deficiency affects iron metabolism.

Co ≥45 %45.35%
Fe≤ 0.005%0.0030%
Cu≤ 0.005%0.0020%
Ni≤ 0.05%0. 01%
Cd≤ 0.005%0.00%
Pb≤ 0.01 %0.01%
As ≤ 0.002 %0.0010%


Since the feed for pigs is mainly plant feed, and the mineral elements in plant feed are few, it cannot fully meet the needs of pigs, especially for pigs that are raised on the cement floor of fully enclosed pig houses and grow rapidly, they must be given Additional mineral supplementation to achieve the balance of minerals in the feed to meet the needs of pigs.

A sufficient amount of cobalt must be provided in the diet of ruminants, a part of the cobalt is used by rumen microorganisms to synthesize vitamin B12 needed by ruminants; the other part of the cobalt is absorbed in the form of cations, and a part of the cobalt in the diet can improve the digestion of animals rate, especially the digestibility of low-quality feed, this effect may be a microbial community requiring more cobalt or may be the result of Co2+ forming a cross-link between negatively charged bacteria and negatively charged feed, which makes the bacteria more effective adhere to the feed pellets. The addition of cobalt can increase the anaerobic microorganisms in the rumen by 50%, and the lactic acid bacteria by 86%.


Store in dry conditions below 30º C, away from sunlight. After opening, it should be stored in a separate package.

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