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Super EM Bacteria -Concentration Powder

Super EM Bacteria -Concentration Powder


For water purification and adjustment.

Super EM bacteria is a compound probiotic include lactobacillus, spores, yeast, nitrifying bacteria, etc specially for aquaculture to improve water quality.

Super EM could promote the growth and reduce the stress response of aquaculture by colonization in intestinal tract and produce large amount of vitamins, amylase and protease.


1. Protect intestinal tract, promote the advantage of beneficial bacteria, improve anti-stress ability and activate immunity.

2. Super EM Bacteria can stabilize and adjust water quality efficiently, therefore, the water microorganisms can be cultivated rapidly, thus to maintain the stability of aquaculture water.

3. Degradation of ammonia, nitrogen, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide and methane.

4. Improve soil quality in the pond, optimize water quality, promote the smooth molt and growth of shrimp and crab.

5. Cultivate beneficial algae, remove and inhibit bad moss and algae.


Spread in water:

1. Dilute the product with appropriate amount of water, splash evenly over the whole pond directly, 200g per 1.6 acre of water.

2. 10kg water + 1kg brown sugar + 200g Super EM Bacteria Concentration Powder, ferment for 24-48 hours, splash evenly over the whole pond, for 3.3 acre of water.

Precautions: Double the dosage when water quality deteriorates or after severe weather changes.

Mix with feed:

Dosage in feed: Mix with feed directly according to 1-2%, keep until it is slightly dry and use.

The effect will be better after long-term use.

Note:contact us for usage of activation and expansion of original strain of Super EM.


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