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Aqua Combo

Aqua Combo


Focus on enteritis in aquatic animals fed high protein diets.

Clostridium butyricum as the core, and adopted the first solid-liquid combined fermentation technology of Clostridium butyricum in China to develop a no-antibiotics product special for aquatic animals. Focus on enteritis in aquatic animals fed high protein diets.


1. Increase appetite, promote growth and restore the intestinal tract: metabolites are rich in organic acids, which can effectively improve the palatability of feed and promote feed intake.

2. Protect liver and intestines, reduce stress: by improving the digestibility of feed protein, reducing the high burden of high protein diet on liver, improve intestinal immune function and reduce the occurrence of oxidative stress reaction.

3. Bacteriostasis, intestinal regulation and immune enhancement: Clostridium Butyricum and other probiotics can quickly colonize on the intestinal tract to improve the intestinal environment, inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, regulate intestinal balance and enhance the intestinal barrier function and enhance the body immunity.

4. Reduce ammonia nitrogen, improve water quality: effectively decompose organic matter in water, degrade ammonia nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, nitrite and other harmful substances.


Daily use:

Soak for 20-30min after being dissolved in water; Close and activate for 4-6h after being dissolved in water.

Early treatment:

Soak for 20-30min after after being dissolved in water; Closed and activated for 4-6h after being dissolved in water.( Reduce the amount of feeding during enteritis )

Adjuvant therapy:

Treatment with antibiotics; adjust water quality after fermentation; being dissolved in water is used to repair the intestinal tract and improve immunity.

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