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Lutein Feed grade(Poultry)

Lutein Feed grade(Poultry)


Lutein, also known as plant lutein, is a carotenoid with a chemical formula of C 40 H 56 O 2 . It is widely found in vegetables , fruits , flowers and other plants. Its chemical formula contains two ketone rings. The main pigment present in the macular area of the human eye

Lutein is insoluble in water and propylene glycol, slightly soluble in oil and n-hexane , soluble in acetone , dichloromethane and ethanol , easily soluble in ethyl acetate , tetrahydrofuran , chloroform , etc., and its stability in solvents is absolute ethanol > ethyl acetate > tetrahydrofuran > toluene


1. Improve the body color of animals Lutein is bright yellow, insoluble in water, soluble in oil and ethanol, and has the characteristics of resistance to light, heat, acid, alkali, and strong coloring ability. As an effective coloring agent, it has been widely used in feed additives. Studies have shown that the lutein accumulated in the subcutaneous fat and egg yolk lipids of broilers is mainly lutein and zeaxanthin, indicating that lutein and zeaxanthin Lutein has coloring activity, so lutein is also called active lutein. When the lutein content in the feed is 20-75mg/kg, poultry can be well colored; when the lutein content in the chicken feed is 18mg/kg, the color of egg yolk and chicken skin can be changed.

2. Improve the fertilization rate and egg hatching rate of eggs. Studies have found that eggs with high lutein content have faster development of the circulatory system and blood vessel area of the embryo, and lutein in egg yolk can also promote the accumulation of a large amount of vitamin A and glycogen in the liver of the embryo. Promotes the absorption of lipids in the embryonic liver.

3. Enhance immunity, increase reproduction, and survival A large number of studies have shown that lutein can also enhance the reproduction, survival and immunity of livestock, poultry, fish and shrimp, and it can also protect lipids from oxidation and protect meat. The quality and nutritional value of the product during transportation and storage also play a major role.


Store in dry conditions below 30ยบ C, away from sunlight. After opening, it should be stored in a separate package.

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