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Methionine (methonine), also known as methionine, is the first limiting amino acid in poultry corn-soybean meal-based diets, and is the only essential amino acid among sulfur-containing amino acids. It participates in more than 80 metabolic processes in the body and plays a role in the body. play an extremely important physiological role. On the one hand, methionine can synthesize body proteins in animals, and can be quickly converted into cystine to meet the nutritional needs of animals; on the other hand, as one of the important methyl donors, it provides methyl for the body; in addition , which also has the effect of promoting the proliferation and division of animal cells.

AppearanceWhite or light greyLight grey crystal
Loss on drying≤0.30.1
(%) Chloride (NaCI)≤0.2<0.2
ConclusionHigh Grade Product


In poultry production, the addition of methionine higher than the NRC standard can promote the growth of poultry, improve the quality of broiler meat, improve the body's immunity and antioxidant function, etc. Studies have shown that compared with other amino acid deficiencies, methionine deficiency is the most important for muscle growth inhibition.

Methionine can not only serve as an essential amino acid for broiler chickens to synthesize protein, but also cooperate with probiotics to promote the growth and development of broiler chickens. The test results show that adding a certain amount of lactic acid bacteria spores to broiler feed can promote the growth of broiler chickens, and the effect of adding spores and liquid methionine hydroxyl analogs is more significant, the feed utilization rate is improved, and it can significantly promote the proliferation of lactic acid bacteria in the intestinal tract of broiler chickens. Therefore, lactic acid bacteria spores and LMA can be used as compound additives in broiler feed to reduce the use of antibiotics, and have certain application value in actual production.
Adding DL-methionine can not only satisfy the normal growth of broilers, but also reduce the toxic effect caused by the increase of DDGS ratio.


Store in dry conditions below 30º C, away from sunlight. After opening, it should be stored in a separate package.

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