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Chlorine Dioxide(Poultry)

Chlorine Dioxide(Poultry)


Chlorine dioxide disinfectant can effectively eliminate ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other toxic gases and odors produced by the accumulation of feces in chicken houses through oxidation-reduction reactions, and will not produce other harmful components. It is listed as A1-level disinfectant by the World Health Organization. It has the characteristics of broad spectrum, high efficiency and safety

At normal temperature, chlorine dioxide is a yellow gas with a pungent odor; its molecular formula is Cl O2, its molecular weight is 67.46, its melting point is -59.5°C, its boiling point is 11°C, and its density is 3.01 g/L (11°C) . The above physical and chemical properties make Cl O2 an ideal disinfectant, which can work as a gaseous molecule or as an aqueous solution. Cl O2 is known for its high-efficiency sterilization and strong oxidizing properties. 2.0 mg/L Cl O2 can kill 100% of microorganisms in 30 seconds; the disinfection effect is better than other disinfectants, and the actual concentration of Cl O2 disinfection is very low


1.Disinfect farm equipment, ground and air

2.Clean water line, water line disinfection
A large number of tests have shown that chlorine dioxide disinfectant has a good killing effect on bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, and due to the extremely low concentration of routine use, it has almost no effect on humans and animals. Since 1983, the United States has approved chlorine dioxide to be used in hospitals, laboratories and other environmental disinfection and equipment anticorrosion. Subsequently, it was gradually expanded to disinfection of food, agricultural products and animal feed, and was used to process meat products, poultry processing and control microorganisms, kill mold, etc. The sterilization and disinfection of chlorine dioxide has been widely used in various fields such as sanitation and epidemic prevention, animal husbandry, and aquaculture.


Store in dry conditions below 30º C, away from sunlight. After opening, it should be stored in a separate package.

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