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Chlorogenic acid

Chlorogenic acid


Chlorogenic acid as a green feed additive is widely used in animal feed, chlorogenic acid can effectively improve the growth performance of aquatic animals, improve the immunity of aquatic animals.

Specification: total content ≥ 55%, from Stevia rebaudiana, brown yellow powder;

Product technology: the product is made from Stevia rebaudiana by organic solvent extraction, concentration, drying and other scientific methods;

Product composition: except for chlorogenic acid, there are chlorogenic acid derivatives, flavonoids, etc

Functions: anti oxidation, anti-virus, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, liver protection and gallbladder;

Product properties: Appearance is brown-yellow powder, no special smell;

Storage: it should be stored in a ventilated, dry place without pollution and harmful substances;

Shelf life: 18 months without opening

Package: 25kg / bag, inner plastic bag, outer cardboard barrel

Quality index:




Brownish yellow powder

Totalcontent% (HPLC)

Detection value



water content


Particle size% (passing rate of 80 mesh sieve)



Ash content%



1. Antibacterial, anti virus and anti-oxidant.
2. Anti-inflammatory, increase growth performance.
Adding chlorogenic acid to the sow diet can improve the antioxidant capacity of sows and newborn piglets, significantly increase the newborn weight, the number of live piglets in the litter, and the weight gain of the 21-day-old piglet, and significantly reduce the backfat loss of the sow during the lactation period. , Can effectively relieve the sow's delivery stress, improve the health of the sow, and increase the production efficiency of the animal.
Adding different levels of chlorogenic acid to the diet can improve the production performance and meat quality of broilers to varying degrees; in addition, adding chlorogenic acid to the diet for laying hens during the laying period can increase the egg production rate to varying degrees.

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