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what is triple superphosphate fertilizer

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what is triple superphosphate fertilizer

In the process of crop planting,superphosphate fertilizer  can often be used, but many people do not know much about this fertilizer, so the use and operation methods are improper and fail to achieve the expected effect. So what is superphosphate fertilizer? The method of use is How? Let's find out together.

What is superphosphate?

Superphosphate, also known as general calcium phosphate, referred to as general calcium, is a phosphate fertilizer directly obtained by decomposing phosphate rock with sulfuric acid. The active ingredients are mainly calcium dihydrogen phosphate (monocalcium phosphate), calcium hydrogen phosphate (dicalcium phosphate) and a small amount of Phosphoric acid, also contains anhydrous calcium phosphate (gypsum), available phosphorus content (calculated by P2 O5) 14% to 18%; most of it is easily soluble in water, a small part is insoluble in water and easily soluble in 2% citric acid (citrate). liquid) solution, but the dissolution rate is slow.

Superphosphate is suitable for a variety of crops and various soils, and it can be applied on neutral, calcareous phosphorus-deficient soils to prevent fixation. It can be used as base fertilizer, top dressing, seed fertilizer and top dressing outside the root.

How to use superphosphate

1. Base fertilizer

When superphosphate is used as a base fertilizer, especially in the soil lacking available phosphorus, it can be applied about 50 kg per mu, half of it should be spread before ploughing, and half of it should be spread before sowing after ploughing. If it is mixed with organic fertilizer as base fertilizer, it is enough to apply about 20-25 kg of superphosphate per mu.

2. Top dressing

When superphosphate is used as top dressing, it should be applied early and deep. It is used in places where the root system of crops is dense, and the amount per mu is 20-30 kg.

3. Seed fertilizer

When used as seed fertilizer, the amount per mu is about 10 kg.

4. Top dressing outside the root

When superphosphate is used as top dressing outside the roots, the spraying concentration is generally about 1% to 3%, and it is sprayed before and after the crops bloom, and the effect will be better.

5. Acidic soil

For application on acidic soil, if lime is to be applied, the lime should be applied first, and then the phosphate fertilizer should be applied. Do not mix lime with calcium to avoid reducing the effectiveness of phosphate fertilizer.

Precautions for the use of calcium superphosphate

1. When applying superphosphate fertilizer, try to reduce its contact area with soil and increase its contact area with crop roots.

2. When the superphosphate fertilizer is used as foliar fertilizer, dissolve the superphosphate in a certain amount of water in proportion and let it stand for one day and night, and prepare the upper clarified liquid into a solution of 1% to 2% before spraying.

3. When superphosphate fertilizer is used as seed fertilizer, it is mixed with 2 to 5 times of thoroughly decomposed organic fertilizer and then used together with seeds.

4. When purchasing calcium phosphate fertilizers, choose regular fertilizer manufacturers to avoid unwanted fertilizer damage.