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What is the effect of adding calcium powder to animal feed

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What is the effect of adding calcium powder to animal feed

 Looking at the ingredient list in animal feed, you will often find that calcium powder is involved. What is the  role of calcium powder in animal feed

Calcium powder is added to animal feed because the main component of calcium powder is calcium carbonate. Animals can supplement calcium by eating calcium powder. Adding 5% calcium powder to pig feed can increase the weight of pigs by about 10%-12% every day. Adding calcium powder products can reduce the incidence of pigs. The chemical composition of bone can be divided into organic matter and inorganic matter. The main components of organic matter are collagen fibers and mucopolysaccharide proteins, which make bones tough and elastic. The main components of inorganic substances are calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, calcium fluoride, etc., which make bones hard and fragile. Piglet bones contain a large amount of organic matter, and the bones have greater toughness and elasticity. The inorganic substances in the old pig bones increase, the bones become brittle and easy to fracture. Calcium consumption increases in pregnant and lactating sows. Should pay attention to timely calcium supplementation.

Adding calcium powder products to dairy cow feed can firstly increase the calcium content and other mineral content of milk, and also improve the milk production of cows! Adding calcium powder products (generally no more than 4%) to broiler feed can increase the weight of chickens by more than 6%. Adding calcium powder to laying hens can increase egg production rate. In addition, due to the high calcium content in calcium powder products, eggshells are relatively hard!

In addition to adding calcium powder  products to pig feed, cattle feed, chicken feed, calcium powder also plays a key role in repairing and regulating the aquaculture environment. In the aquaculture water environment, calcium powder also plays an important role in the total alkalinity and total hardness of the water. If the water body is deficient in calcium, it will lead to poor buffering capacity of the water body, which will affect the excessive daily variation of the pH value index of the water body. If it is in such a harsh environment for a long time, it is easy to cause the disease of aquatic animals.

Calcium is an important component of aquaculture animal bones, scales, and carapaces. Moulting is an important life activity for the growth of prawns. Under normal circumstances, shrimps moult once every 30 to 40 hours, larvae weighing 1 to 5 grams molt once every 4 to 6 days, and prawns moult once every tide and evening. Most of them are between spring tide and neap tide around the first and fifteenth day of the new year. The main component in the carapace is calcium. After the prawn moults, it needs to harden the carapace in a short time, so enough calcium is needed to complete this process. In the case of calcium deficiency, there will be soft shell, cramps, failure to shell, white and cloudy muscles, carapace ulceration, stealing death, etc. Therefore, calcium powder is also essential in the process of aquaculture .