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What feed is good for pigs? What are the advantages and disadvantages of premix, concentrate and Complete Foumula Feed?

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What feed is good for pigs? Let me first talk about the point of view, premix is the most economical, because the cost of ingredients is low; Complete Foumula Feed is the safest, because of the maturation process, pigs are reluctant to have diarrhea; concentrated feed is more suitable for pig farmers with corn at home, cost-effective and safe Sex is in the middle. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of premix, concentrate and Complete Foumula Feed?

The first one, thepremix

Premix is equal to vitamins plus minerals plus a carrier. When using it, you need to add additional soybean meal, corn, and even bran. The advantage is that the preparation cost of the premix is low, and the raw materials are controllable, because the additional corn and soybean meal you add are both Pig farmers choose by themselves, the quality is guaranteed, and it is more convenient to add some health care or therapeutic drugs. The downside is that it is labor-intensive, it needs to be mixed by itself, and it requires pig farmers to be able to find distributors who sell high-quality soybean meal.

Second,concentrate feed

The concentrate is the premix with protein feed added, that is, the premix is added with soybean meal, which is the concentrate. When we raise pigs, we can buy this kind of concentrate and add additional corn and bran. The advantage is that when the price of soybean meal is high, it is more economical to choose the concentrate, which is more suitable for pig farmers who have corn at home. You don’t need to buy soybean meal after you buy the concentrate. If you have corn at home, you can directly mix it and feed it to the pigs.

Third,  Complete Foumula Feed

The Complete Foumula Feed is actually the premix plus soybean meal and corn, or the concentrated feed plus corn, which becomes the Complete Foumula Feed, which is processed by grinding, mixing, granulating and other processes. The advantage is that it is fed. At this time, there is no need to add anything, just feed it directly, and the pig has a large feed intake, and the waste rate is smaller than that of the powder; at the same time, due to the relatively low water content, it is also easy to store. The disadvantage is that the cost is higher. Compared with the premix, the cost of a pound of Complete Foumula Feed is 2-4 cents higher than that of the concentrated material; The composition of the price feed is uncontrollable, because you cannot see the composition of the feed, so choose a reliable large company.