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what does sodium benzoate do

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what does sodium benzoate do

whats sodium benzoate

Sodium benzoate is an inorganic compound with white granules or powder. It has no odor or smell of benzoin, and is easily soluble in water. It is also a widely used preservative and is the most common in the food industry. So what are the effects of sodium benzoate, and what effect does sodium benzoate have on the body? Let's analyze it:

1. The principle of action of sodium benzoate

Sodium benzoate is also an acidic preservative, which has no bactericidal or bacteriostatic effect in alkaline medium; its best antiseptic pH is 2.5-4.0, and the bactericidal effect of a 5% solution at pH 5.0 is not very good. Sodium benzoate has a high lipophilicity, easily penetrates the cell membrane and enters the cell body, interferes with the permeability of the cell membrane, and inhibits the absorption of amino acids by the cell membrane; it enters the cell body to ionize and acidify the alkali storage in the cell, and inhibit the activity of the cell's respiratory enzyme system. Prevent acetyl-CoA condensation reaction, so as to achieve the purpose of food preservation.

2.sodium benzoate function

Sodium benzoate has many uses. It is an important acid-type food preservative and is used as food additive; bactericide in the pharmaceutical industry, cosolvent for serum bilirubin test, antimicrobial agent, dye intermediate, bactericide; industrial Mordant in dye industry, plasticizer in plastic industry, intermediate in organic synthesis such as perfume and plant genetic research.

3. sodium benzoate bad

Sodium benzoate is a preservative used for oral liquid medicine. It has the effect of preventing deterioration and sourness and prolonging the shelf life. Excessive dosage will cause harm to the human liver and even cause cancer. Benzoic acid has different specifications for industrial use, food use, and medical use. Food grade should comply with GB1901-80, content above 99.5%, melting point 121-123℃.

Through the above analysis, we can know that sodium benzoate is a very commonly used preservative with a wide range of effects and is widely used in all countries in the world.

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