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What are the roles of pectinase in animal feed production?

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As one of the most important enzyme preparations in the production of fruit and vegetable juice,pectinase  has been widely used in the extraction and clarification of fruit and vegetable juice, improving the filterability of fruit and vegetable juice, and the maceration and extraction of plant tissue. At present, pectinase is used in the production process of most raw juice and concentrated juice, and the pectinase that has been used in juice extraction has also been introduced into feed production. The role of pectinase.

What are the roles of pectinase in animal feed production?

1. Pectinase can promote the absorption rate of nutrients in young animals

For young animals with incomplete digestive function, as well as young animals with incomplete digestive function, especially in early weaned piglets, adding enzymes to the starter compound feed can increase their appetite, promote ear growth and development and Improve feed conversion rate. The combination of pectinase and other feed enzymes such as cellulase and amylase greatly improves the absorption and utilization rate of starch, oil and protein substances in the feed, and promotes faster and healthier growth of animals.

What are the roles of pectinase in animal feed production2

                                  Pectinase increases nutrient uptake in young animals

What are the roles of pectinase in animal feed production

                              Application of enzymes can reduce the abuse of antibiotics

3. Pectinase can improve the utilization rate of feed nutrition

Plants are composed of cell wall, cell membrane, cytoplasm and other structures. If the plant cells in the feed cannot be cracked, the nutrients in the feed will not be released, and the relevant digestive enzymes in the stomach will not be accessible, so that a large part of the nutrients will not be released. Lost waste. Under the synergistic action of cellulase, hemicellulase and ligninase, pectinase can destroy the cell wall of plants, expose the cell contents, and further degrade and absorb under the action of various digestive enzymes in the body , improve the utilization of nutrients.

4. Pectinase can supplement the insufficient secretion of digestive enzymes in animals

The animal's stomach itself can secrete pectinase to promote the decomposition of plant cell walls and promote the absorption of nutrients. However, most animals cannot secrete enough pectinase, so that the nutrients in the feed cannot be fully absorbed, and the gastrointestinal environment of the animals is not smooth, causing animal intestinal diseases. Adding pectinase can supplement the deficiency of endogenous enzymes and improve the utilization rate of pectin substances and crude fiber in animals. At the same time, it can also improve the composition, enzyme amount and activity of digestive tract enzymes.

5. Pectinase can eliminate anti-nutritional factors in feed

The main components of animal feed are some plants, and the main components of plant cell walls are fly starch polysaccharides, namely cellulose, pectin, etc., and these non-starch polysaccharides enter the digestive tract of livestock and poultry to dissolve to form a gel solution, so that the intestinal substances The increased viscosity increases the viscosity of the intestinal chyme, so that the enzymes secreted by the animal cannot fully contact the feed in the intestinal tract, thereby affecting the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

With the development of biotechnology, the output of feed enzyme preparations and microbial preparations has grown rapidly, and the quality has also been significantly improved. Enzyme preparations can improve feed utilization, promote animal growth, improve the ecological environment and prevent animal diseases. Negative effects of substances such as antibiotics, hormones and high copper have obvious economic benefits and positive environmental significance