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What are the benefits of feeding fermented feed to pigs?

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The main advantages of fermented feed  are that it has a unique mellow fragrance and good palatability; it can clear away heat and relieve summer heat, and improve the immunity and disease resistance of animals. The dominance of beneficial microbial flora has a significant effect on the prevention of intestinal diseases and diarrhea, especially for watery diarrhea in summer.

Advantages of fermented feed for animals: 1. Increase feed intake. The sour flavor makes the animals have good palatability, good taste, delicious taste and fast growth. 2. Reduce animal digestive tract diseases - diarrhea. Improve the gastrointestinal micro-ecological balance, beneficial bacteria directly maintain the gastrointestinal mucosa, and enhance the gastrointestinal absorption function. 3. Improve the incidence of constipation in animals. Fermented feed contains small peptides, vitamins, fatty acids, and enzymes to promote intestinal peristalsis. 4. Improve the quality of meat, egg and milk. 5. Reduce the use of antibiotics. The use of fermented feed, the feed is delicious, the environment is comfortable, the spirit of the animal is good, and the immunity is greatly improved, so that the incidence of disease is greatly reduced, so the cost of medicine is greatly reduced.

What are the benefits of fermented feed for pigs?

1. Reduce bacterial and nutritional animal diarrhea

The fermented feed is rich in fermented probiotics. After the pigs eat, a large number of probiotics enter the pig's intestines, which can quickly improve and adjust the intestinal flora structure of the animals, greatly improve the utilization rate of the pigs' feed, and increase the intestinal microorganisms Diversity, multi-bacterial, nutritional diarrhea prevention and treatment effect is obvious.

2. Prevent and improve animal constipation

The fermented feed has a sour smell, rich in organic acids, soft texture and excellent palatability. The pH of the fermented feed is low, which can obviously stimulate intestinal peristalsis, accelerate animal feed digestion, and speed up defecation. The fermented feed can be significantly improved after a week of wet feeding. The degree of constipation in pregnant and lactating sows.

3. Improve the pig farm environment

After feeding fermented feed for about a week, you can obviously feel that the smell of feces and urine from pigs in the pig farm has been significantly reduced. Long-term use of pigs excreted feces and urine is not smelly, and the effect of excessive ammonia nitrogen odor in pig houses is obvious.

To sum up, fermented feed is an effective way to achieve low-cost farming. After years of practice, the breeding effect is stable and obvious. If you are also a friend who is engaged in farming, you can use fermented feed to experience the breeding effect.