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The role of feed additive chromium nicotinate

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Chromium nicotinate can promote animal growth and development, accelerate production, and promote protein synthesis. Below, Arshine will take you to learn more about the role of the feed additive  chromium nicotinate .


Analysis of Feed Additive Chromium Niacinate

1.What is Chromium Niacinate?

The chemical formula is smoke gray fine powder. The substance is relatively stable at room temperature and insoluble in water and ethanol. It contains 3+ chromium. In industry, it is mainly used for feed additives, medicine and health products, food additives, etc. Its role is to promote animal growth and development, accelerate production, and promote protein synthesis.

Second, the use and role of chromium nicotinate

Use: feed additives (Ministry of Agriculture Announcement No. 658 approves chromium nicotinate as a new type of feed additive), medical and health products, food additives.

Function: Promote animal growth and development, accelerate production, and promote protein synthesis. It promotes gonadal development, improves ovulation quality, promotes egg development, and improves reproductive performance. Reduce carcass fat, increase lean meat ratio, and significantly improve meat quality. Improve the fertilization rate and egg production rate of breeders, improve the quality of eggs, and reduce the proportion of secondary eggs. Improve the body's immune function, improve anti-stress ability, reduce disease.

Three, the preparation method of chromium nicotinate

Weigh 124 g (1 mole) of niacin in a 1000 ml beaker, add 100 ml of water to wet it, adjust the pH to about 8.0 with 6 mol/L NaOH, and heat to 80 at the same time. Weigh 88 grams (0.33 moles) of CrCl3-6H2O into a 500 ml beaker, add 300 ml of water, heat to dissolve, heat up to about 80, pour into the above sodium salt solution while stirring, add a small amount of water to the washing beaker, and then Mix with above-mentioned reaction solution, adjust pH value to 6.8-7.2 with 6mol/L NaOH stirring, add water to total volume 900ml, cool to room temperature.

4. Application of feed additive chromium nicotinate in pig production

1. Chromium nicotinate is a chelate composed of nicotinic acid and trivalent chromium ions, which is easily absorbed by the human body and has a high biological potency. Chromium nicotinate is a gray-blue fine powder with good fluidity, stable at room temperature, slightly soluble in water, soluble in low-concentration acid, and insoluble in ethanol [1]. The molecular formula of chromium nicotinate is Cr(C6H4NO2)5, and its structure belongs to a five-membered ring structure formed by 3N and Cr. Mertz (1974) confirmed that glucose tolerance factor contains chromium, niacin and 3 amino acids (glutamic acid, glycine and cysteine) types, and speculated that glucose tolerance factor is based on niacin-chromium-nicotinic acid axis, connecting A complex of the above three amino acid ligands.

2. Chromium nicotinate is an organic chromium. As an important active component of glucose tolerance factor (GTF), it can enhance insulin activity, participate in protein synthesis and metabolism of sugar, fat and nucleic acid, and reduce cholesterol and cholesterol content. Body fat is used as a nutritional additive for pigs. Chromium nicotinate can reduce pig carcass fat, increase the proportion of lean meat, and significantly improve meat quality; improve pig immune function, improve body resistance, improve pig production performance, and reduce stress. as a possible alternative to antibiotics.

5. Production process of feed additive chromium nicotinate

1. Food. After cleaning the reactor, turn on the vacuum system. 400 liters of pure water was sucked into the reactor, the stirrer was turned on, and 200Kg of PBH was added; PH=8.0 was adjusted with BO. During the reaction, add 250 liters of pure water and 150 kilograms of GC in the dissolving kettle, inhale the head tank after stirring and dissolving; keep the temperature at 85-90, slowly add the GC solution to the reaction kettle, pay attention to the color change of the solution, it must be the GC solution. It will turn gray immediately after being in contact with the reaction solution for 1 minute; otherwise, reduce the dripping speed and control the dripping time not less than 2 hours.

2. Put the spun wet product on the baking tray, heat the oven to 80-100 for 10-12 hours, stop baking after passing the test, and crush the package. Check that the vibrating screen is clean before crushing. If contaminated, remove, disinfect and dry immediately before use. Check that the screen is adequate and damaged. If there is any problem, please replace the screen in time (the screen is 80 mesh); check whether the components of the vibrating screen are in good condition to ensure that the equipment runs without problems.