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The role of corn gluten meal in feed

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1. Definition

Corn gluten meal  is a by-product of starch extraction from corn kernels. It is also called corn gluten meal. It is mainly composed of corn gluten. It is rich in protein nutrients, and also contains a small amount of starch and fiber. It has special taste and color. Compared with fish meal and soybean meal commonly used in feed, the use of feed has obvious resource advantages and high feed value. Therefore, soybean meal and fish meal can be used to replace protein feed such as soybean meal and fish meal in the feed market where soybean meal and fish meal are in short supply. The advantages of corn gluten meal used in feed are that the product has less anti-nutritional factors, rich nutrition and good feed safety performance.

The role of corn gluten meal in feed

2. Application in aquaculture

1. Application in poultry farming

The compound feed for laying hens based on corn gluten meal can increase the egg production rate by about 15%, can prevent and treat chicken cartilage and other diseases, play a role in promoting health and growth, and is conducive to improving the quality of egg protein. Corn gluten meal is rich in lutein, which has a certain color effect in poultry feed.

2. Application in pig breeding

In the comparative feeding experiment of porcine corn gluten meal and fish meal, the apparent digestibility of corn gluten meal is high, which may be due to the appropriate ratio of energy to protein.

3. Application in cattle breeding

In the cattle industry, the use of corn gluten meal as a concentrated feed can better digest and absorb part of the protein that cannot be digested by the rumen in the small intestine. Corn gluten meal contains linoleic acid, which can promote lipid metabolism in animals and promote the polymerization of essential amino acids.

3. Precautions when using

With the rapid development of animal husbandry, adulteration occurs frequently in the feed market, especially for high-protein feeds such as corn gluten meal. The adulteration of corn gluten meal will not only reduce the intrinsic quality of the product, but also cause serious damage to livestock and poultry. damage. Therefore, when purchasing and using, you should pay attention to the identification of quality.