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The key to the fattening method of mutton sheep lies in these four points

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The key to the fattening method of mutton sheep lies in these four points

The purpose of fattening of mutton sheep  is to obtain mutton of good quality and quantity in a short time and at low cost. The mutton market has been doing well recently, and farmers should seize the opportunity to fatten the sheep. Let's take a look at the four key measures of the fattening method of mutton sheep.
1. Selection of fattening sheep In
general, the sheep used for fattening should be selected from the lambs and young sheep of the year, followed by the culled sheep and old sheep.
After selecting the fattening sheep, the following tasks must be done: 1. Deworming. Two, castration. 3. Removal of horns and hoofs. 4. Weigh regularly and make records.
2. Master the feeding and management principles of mutton sheep
1. Master the ratio of concentrate and roughage with
appropriate ratio of concentrate and roughage, which can not only provide energy, but also meet the protein needs of mutton sheep and maintain the normal activity of the rumen. 1/3 of the grain is appropriate.
2. Control the protein level
The proportion of protein in the mutton sheep diet should be about 8%.
3. The stocking density of the sheep house
should be 0.5-0.6 square meters per sheep. Sheep houses should be built in places that are convenient for ventilation, drainage, lighting, shelter from wind and sunlight, and close to pastures and feed warehouses.
4. It is necessary to let mutton sheep exercise in moderation.
This will not only reduce consumption and promote weight gain, but also avoid indigestion, weak spleen and stomach caused by long-term inactivity, which will affect fattening.
3. Learn how to use premixes
There are many types of sheep premixes, which are prepared by selecting raw materials suitable for the physiology and digestion of mutton sheep. They are rich in protein, vitamins, trace elements and minerals necessary for sheep in different growth stages. , as well as anti-disease and growth-promoting agents, etc., to make mutton sheep healthy and smooth.
Amino acid regulators can also be added appropriately, which has better palatability, and sheep like to eat, which can significantly increase the sheep's feed intake of concentrate and roughage, and significantly increase the daily gain.
4. Feeding amount and feeding method of mutton sheep
The feeding amount of mutton sheep should be determined according to its feed intake, how much to feed, and its feed intake is related to the breed, age, sex, physique, palatability and moisture of the feed.
The greater the feed intake of sheep, the higher their daily gain. The sheep eat 2 to 2.5 kg of hay per day, 3 to 4 kg of fresh grass, and concentrate about 2% of their body weight. The feeding method is to feed hay or roughage first, then concentrate and drink water freely.