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The effect of feed mold remover on farms

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The sow is the backbone of a farm, and its productivity determines the annual economic income, so how to ensure the reproductive performance of the sow is the core point of breeding. The content of  mycotoxins  in the feed has brought very serious interference to the production performance of sows, which may seriously cause abortion and death of sows. Therefore, pigs must be added with mold release agents to control mycotoxins.

What problems can be caused if the mold remover is not used?


1. The lethality and abortion rate of female embryos increase, milk decreases, and the resistance of suckling piglets decreases; gilts are in wiggly estrus, pus before mating, and gilts are not in estrus; adult animals are infertile and aborted; sow culling rate increased, boar semen quality decreased.

2. PRRS, circovirus, pseudorabies, swine fever, chlamydia, eperythrozoonosis, toxoplasmosis, etc. are often troubled; pigs vomit, refuse to eat, reduce feed intake, and the age of finishing pigs is delayed. The immunization program on the farm remains unchanged, and the vaccine is administered on time, but the antibody level of the pig herd does not rise, and the disease often occurs;

3. For chicken farms, chicks have reduced feed intake, group growth retardation, increased intestinal inflammation, weight loss, pale feet, poor egg yolk and skin pigment, hair loss on the head, fluffy feathers, loose feed, screaming, running mental disorders;

4. The young roosters begin to develop excessive comb development at the age of 15 days, and even croak;

5. The mucous secretions or ulcers in the mouth, crop, glandular stomach and gizzard of poultry will increase, sometimes there will be swelling of the glandular stomach, oral ulcers in adult chickens, fatigue, liking to lie down, soft eggs and broken eggs increase, and egg production rate , fertilization rate decreased, weak chicks increased;

6. The etiology cannot be determined immediately, there is no infection between sick animals, the efficacy of drugs or antibiotics is not good during the illness, the disease outbreak is seasonal (specific conditions are conducive to the production of fungi and their toxins), and it is related to specific feeds, feeds Testing can reveal a large number of fungi.

The biological compound mold remover contains high concentration of yeast cell wall products and biological enzymes  that can adsorb and degrade 80% of mycotoxins, protecting the health of animals.