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Safe use of disinfectants in aquaculture

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Disinfectants are the most commonly used drugs in aquaculture. Disinfectants are inseparable from the clearing of the aquaculture water body, the medicated bath before the seedlings are placed in the pond, disease prevention and even water quality adjustment. The rational and scientific use of disinfectants can eliminate or kill the breeding environment. The pathogenic microorganisms in the medicine can prevent and control the occurrence of diseases; if the medicine is improperly used, it is easy to cause the death of fish and shrimp poisoning. Several key points of scientific and safe use of disinfectants are introduced as follows, in order to help farmers to use disinfectants correctly in the future.

Safe use of disinfectants in aquaculture

1. Read the product instruction manual carefully before using the disinfectant. According to different aquatic animals, use it strictly according to the usage and dosage of the product, and pay special attention to the precautions mentioned in the product manual.

2. When the whole pool is sprayed and disinfected, a sufficient amount of water should be added to the container first, and then the disinfectant should be added to dissolve it. After the dissolution is complete, the whole pool should be evenly sprayed. When spraying the medicine, the person should turn his back to the wind direction and start the medicine from the downwind of the pond.

3. When using disinfectants, people should avoid direct contact with the liquid. For some strong irritant drugs (such as chlorine preparations, etc.), long-term use at high temperature should be avoided. When the temperature is above 32°C, the spraying time shall not exceed 2 hours.

4. Disinfectants should be used in ponds with a large area and a water depth of more than 2 meters, and the interval pond disinfection method should be used. That is to say, half of the water surface is disinfected with half of the medicine at one time, and the time interval of the second medicine should be more than 4 hours.

5. After disinfection, the pond should be inspected in time, and problems should be solved in time. Avoid using disinfectants when the pool water is devoid of oxygen and the weather is bad.

6. It is forbidden to discharge the water of the diseased fish pond directly to the outside without any treatment. If it is necessary to change the water during the disease period, the corresponding disinfectant should be used for 24 hours according to the disease type, and then the water for aquaculture should be drained out. For the pathogenic sewage produced by greenhouse farming, a sewage collection tank should be set up and disinfected with disinfectant for more than 24 hours before being discharged to the outside world.

7. Disinfection of dead fish. It is forbidden to throw away sick and dead fish at will. A small amount of sick and dead fish can be temporarily placed in a special lime tank, and when the dead fish are long, they should be buried or incinerated. When buried deep, quicklime or trichloroisocyanuric acid powder should be withdrawn into the deep pit for disinfection.