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Ruminant microecological preparation and its application

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Ruminant microecological preparation and its application

In recent years, there have been more and more experimental studies, popularization and application of using microecological preparations to feed cattle, sheep and rabbits in the production of ruminants, and the application effect is also very obvious. Many research data show that ruminant micro-ecological preparations affect the number and activity of rumen microorganisms through their metabolites, enhance rumen fermentation, and improve feed digestion and utilization, thereby improving animal production performance.

Feeding probiotics to ruminants such as cattle, sheep, and rabbits can affect the rumen microflora, increase the number of bacteria in the rumen, improve the protein synthesis of the bacteria, and improve the composition of the amino acids of the bacteria. It has been reported that supplemental feeding of cultures such as yeast has nearly doubled the number of fibrinolytic bacteria in the rumen. The increase in the total amount of fibrolytic bacteria and microorganisms in the rumen is beneficial to the digestion of crude fiber and other nutrients, thereby promoting the improvement of ruminant production performance.

Second, feeding ruminants with probiotics can affect the fermentation of nutrients in the rumen. The addition of probiotics to calf high-fiber diets increased rumen volatile fatty acids (VFA) from 111.5 mmol per liter to 124.6 mmol per liter, indicating enhanced ruminal fermentation of nutrients. At the same time, supplemental feeding of probiotics can more effectively degrade rumen crude protein, reduce ammonia nitrogen in the rumen, and improve the utilization rate of nitrogen digestion. Ruminant microecological preparations can improve feed intake and digestibility of nutrients.

Feeding probiotics to ruminants can improve their production performance. According to reports, Sichuan Agricultural University used 8701 type microecological preparation to feed cows with 50 mg of preparation per kilogram of body weight, once a day for 30 consecutive days, and the daily milk production of cows increased by 16.8%. The ruminant micro-ecological preparation produced by our province Zhongye Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. has been tested in our province by feeding goats for meat. 

The ruminants are fed with micro-ecological preparations, which are generally mixed into the concentrate supplement as an additive and fed. For feeding sheep, add 50-70 grams per head per day; for feeding cattle, add 70-100 grams per head per day. If liquid micro-ecological preparations are used, 1% of the daily drinking water of cattle (sheep) can be directly put into drinking water and allowed to drink freely. In addition, in production practice, it can also be fed according to 0.1% to 0.3% of the dry matter mass of the cattle (sheep) refined (coarse) feed. Different animal species and their different production stages can be increased or decreased as appropriate, and fed flexibly.