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Piglet farrowing care measures

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Piglet farrowing care measures

In the first week after the piglet is born, if we take good care of it, it will not only make it less sick in the future, but also effectively promote the growth of the piglet. What care measures do piglets need in the first week of life? Today we will talk about this topic.
The first day
of piglets' birth On the first day of piglets' birth, we first need to make pseudorabies vaccine. On the day of birth, the pseudorabies vaccine is mainly administered nasally, so that the piglets can produce pseudorabies antibodies as early as possible.
On the day the piglets are born, we can also give the piglets: Licotabol, about 3-5 ml, once a day, for three consecutive days, which can prevent the yellow and white scours of the piglets.
In addition, on the day the piglet is born, about 12 hours after the piglet is born, we need to cut its teeth.
On the third day
after the piglet is born, we need to give it the first injection of the iron needle. Supplementing piglets with iron can avoid iron deficiency anemia in piglets, and can also promote the growth and development of piglets.
The first injection of the three-shot health care is also given on the third day after the piglet is born. We give piglets three injections of health care, which can prevent bacterial diseases in piglets during this period.
On the seventh day
after the piglet was born, the piglet was born on the seventh day. At this time, it was induced to eat the opening feed. The most likely problem at this time is diarrhea, and the piglets refuse to eat. When we teach the piglets, we can first use: Nursing Taibao, sprinkle it in the feeder tray to induce the piglets to eat. It contains sweeteners and flavoring agents, which can act as a food attractant for piglets and prevent piglets from not eating when they are fed with opening feed.
If the piglets are born within one week, if we take the above measures well, then the piglets will eat more and grow faster during the lactation period and after weaning. If you still don't understand something in this regard, you are welcome to leave a message in the comment area.