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Performance Effects of Guanidinoacetic Acid

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Performance Effects of Guanidinoacetic Acid

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Introduction to Guanidinoacetic Acid

English name: Glycocyamine; Alias: Guanidine Acetate; 
Molecular Formula: C3H7N3O2 CAS No.: 352-97-6
Quickly build body shape and increase lean mass, 98% pure guanidinoacetic acid
promotes protein synthesis and increases lean mass. Since the pure vegetable protein diet lacks a semi-essential nutrient, creatine, and guanidinoacetic acid is a precursor for the synthesis of creatine in the body, the effect of guanidinoacetic acid in the vegetable protein diet is more obvious. It can replace some animal-derived proteins such as fish meal and meat and bone meal.
[Main components of guanidinoacetic acid] Guanidinoacetic acid (glycine and its derivatives), a functional accelerator, does not contain any prohibited drugs, no toxic and harmful substances, and is safe to use without a withdrawal period.
【Appearance and shape of guanidinoacetic acid】White or light yellow powder, the carrier may cause changes in appearance and color, but it does not affect the function of the product.
[Mechanism of action of guanidinoacetic acid] Guanidinoacetic acid is the precursor of creatine. Phosphocreatine, which contains high phosphate group transfer potential energy, widely exists in muscle and nerve tissue, and is the main energy supply substance in animal muscle tissue. The additional addition of guanidine creatine allows the body to produce a large amount of phosphate group transfer substance (creatine phosphate), thereby providing a source of power for the efficient work of muscles, brain, gonads and other tissues, and promoting the efficient distribution of energy to muscle tissue.
[Functions of Guanidinoacetic Acid Products]
1. Improve the body shape of animals: Creatine phosphate exists in large quantities only in muscle and nerve tissue, and the content in adipose tissue is very small, so it can promote the transfer of energy to muscle tissue. The improvement is excellent, the back is wide, the buttocks are plump and firm.
2. Promote the growth of livestock, poultry, fish and shrimp: Guanidinoacetic acid is the precursor of creatine, with stable performance and high absorption rate, which can promote the distribution of energy to the synthesis of muscle tissue. The daily weight gain of livestock and poultry increased by more than 7%, and the growth rate of fish and shrimp increased by more than 8%. In the 50-100kg stage, guanidinoacetic acid is used to reduce the feed-to-meat ratio by 0.2, and the growing and finishing pigs are slaughtered 7-10 days earlier, and each pig can save more than 15kg of feed.
3. The product is stable and safe to use: Guanidinoacetic acid is finally metabolized out of the animal body in the form of creatinine, with no residue in the body, no toxic and side effects, and good safety.
4. Scavenge free radicals and improve meat color: Supplementing creatine can reduce the production of free radicals in mitochondria, and obtain better meat color and muscle quality, accelerate the synthesis of ATP in muscles, and reduce heat stress such as various loading and transportation, and group transfer reaction.
[Instructions for use of guanidinoacetic acid]

1. It is suitable for pure plant protein rations. Since guanidinoacetic acid can partially replace fish meal, meat meal and other animal source proteins, its use effect in pure plant protein rations for livestock and poultry will be better.
2. Product and economic additive dosage
Medium and large pigs: 500-800g Poultry: 300g Beef cattle: 300g 
[Tips for using guanidinoacetic acid] 
Ø Evenly mix into the feed.
Ø Use up as soon as possible after opening.
Ø Pay attention to provide enough clean drinking water for animals.