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Mastering the details of the use of premix

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As the price of pigs slowly declines from a high level, the profits of pig farms also decline, or even lose money. Friends who raise pigs will generally try to reduce costs while ensuring that the pigs are raised well, and they will choose to prepare their own premix formula  feed. Of course, even if they prepare their own feed, they will not buy the raw materials such as multi-dimensional, trace elements, calcium and phosphorus by themselves. Generally, premixes are selected, and the  ratio of 4% is more common. Let's talk to pig farmers about several issues that need to be paid attention to in the process of use of premix   in pig farms.

Mastering the details of the use of premix

1. Selection of premix

Now there are many varieties of premixes on the market, and even one manufacturer has several brands, and each brand has high, medium and low grades, which makes pig farmers have a big head and can’t start. I will share with you my own selection method. First of all , I will choose the products of big manufacturers, that is, the premix brands with relatively high reputation and good reputation in the market, so the quality will be more reliable and stable, although the price of each package will be 10-20 yuan more expensive than other manufacturers, but generally One bag of material can be matched with 1000 kg of full-price material, 20 yuan is converted into 1000 kg of material, and the cost per catty is 2 cents more, which can be ignored, but the effect of feeding is very different, friends can try it, Do the math.

The choice of corn

Corn is a relatively large proportion of energy raw materials in the ingredients, generally accounting for more than 60% of the proportion, which has a great impact on the quality of the whole formulated feed, so it must be selected carefully. When choosing corn, the first consideration is the moisture and In the case of mildew, the water is too large and it is not resistant to storage, the nutritional value is low, and it is easy to be mildewed. The nutritional value of mildewed corn is lower, and long-term feeding can cause poisoning and immunosuppression in pigs. Therefore, these two thresholds must be taken care of, and when formulating feed, the particle size of corn crushing should be adjusted according to the stage of feeding pigs. Generally, piglets use 1.0 sieves, medium pigs use 1.5 sieves, and large pigs and breeding pigs use 2.0 sieves.

3. The choice of soybean meal

Soybean meal is the protein raw material in the ingredients. The protein content of commonly used soybean meal is generally between 43% and 46% . The proportion in the formula is adjusted according to different protein content. The moisture content should also be considered in the selection of soybean meal. There is another serious problem. The problem is that it is easy to buy fake soybean meal, because the price of soybean meal is relatively high, and it is the object of fraud by illegal traders.

Here are a few easy ways to tell the difference between real and fake soybean meal:

1. Outer packaging identification method: fine particles, large capacity and low price, which are the common characteristics of most adulterations. After the feed is mixed with such substances, the package must be small in size and increase in weight. Soybean meal is usually packaged in 60kg , and when a large amount of zeolite is added, the package volume is smaller than normal.

2. Water immersion identification method: Take 25 grams of soybean meal to be tested, put it into a glass cup filled with 250 ml of water for 2 hours to 3 hours, and then gently stir with a wooden stick. The upper layer is soybean meal and the lower layer is sediment.


Fourth, the choice of bran

The proportion of bran in the self-made ingredients of piglets and medium pigs is not large, generally not more than 8% . In big pigs and sows, the proportion of bran is relatively large, which can account for up to 20% . The nutritional value of bran is not high, but it is also Indispensable in self-prepared feed; pay attention to moisture content and false bran when selecting bran, in general, high-quality bran is soft and smooth. Relatively speaking, there is less gray dust, the chewing is sweet, the bran is uniform and tidy, the hand is soft and not sticky, and there are no obvious traces of straw fragments and other rice husks. Put the wheat bran on a white paper and carefully identify it in the sun; insert your arm into a pile of bran and pull it out. If there is white powder on your fingers and it is not easy to shake off, it means talcum powder is mixed, if it is easy to shake off, it is residual flour. Then grab a handful of bran with your hand and squeeze it hard. If it is easy to form a group, it is bran; if the hand feels rebound when grasping, it may be mixed with bran. You should pay attention to these conditions when buying bran.

5. Reference formula

Now pigs are generally prepared with 4% premix, and the outer packaging of the premix has the recommended formula of the manufacturer. If the quality of the premix is reliable and there is no problem with the raw materials, the feed prepared according to the recommended formula is completely It can meet the nutritional needs of pigs. In some sensitive periods (such as group transfer, vaccination, disease), high-quality multi-dimensional can be added to the feed to reduce stress and enhance the resistance of pigs.


In short, no matter whether you use full-price feed directly, or use concentrated feed or premix to prepare feed, the goal is to raise pigs well. To evaluate the cost-effectiveness of a feed, it depends on the final meat production cost, that is, to make a pound of woolly pigs as well. Come out, see which kind of feed costs  the least, and whoever has the lowest cost has the highest cost performance ratio, which is relatively cost-effective feed. I hope that pig farmers can choose cost-effective feed while raising pigs well. Cost, improve efficiency!