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Is cattle feed and sheep feed universal?

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Is cattle feed and sheep feed universal

Both cattle and sheep are our common animal husbandry. Many scattered farmers raise both cattle and sheep. When the feed is not enough, they often use the same feed. The choice of cattle feed and sheep feed is very important, so are cattle feed and sheep feed universal? What are the differences? Let's take a look with the editor below.
1. Are cattle feed  and sheep feed  common?
Cattle feed and sheep feed are common. The digestive functions of cattle and sheep are the same, and they are both ruminants, but there are still differences in specific feeds. Both cattle and sheep can be grazed, they are herbivores, and they can mainly eat pastures on a daily basis. If grazing conditions are available, cattle and sheep can be mixed, and ryegrass, alfalfa and other forages can be sown. Cattle and sheep like mixed grassland, which can effectively increase fat and meat, and can also save concentrate.
2. What are the differences in feed for cattle and sheep?
1. Different nutritional needs
Cattle and sheep have nearly 10 times the difference in body size, and the feeding cycle is also different, so there are many differences in the requirements for vitamins, trace elements, minerals, protein, energy, etc. . Cattle feed and sheep feed can be used in common, but it is unreasonable to use the same feed all the time, because cattle and sheep have different nutritional requirements.
2. Different special substances
The body size of sheep is smaller than that of cattle. In the pen feeding mode of high-concentrate feed, sheep are more likely to get urolithiasis than cattle, so it is necessary to add anti-urolithiasis ingredients in sheep feed. Cattle are generally unnecessary due to their large size, so it is unreasonable to use a feed formula for cattle and sheep, and special material requirements must be added.
3. Feeding different
cows during gestation The gestation period of cows reaches 285 days, while that of sheep is only 152 days. The nutritional requirements and feed amount of cows and ewes are very different. Cows have a period of low nutritional requirements for as long as 3-4 months. At this stage, they only need to be fed with roughage such as hay and straw, and at the same time, they can be mixed with premixed materials. Protein, energy, and wheat bran can be reduced to a low level. The gestation period of sheep is only 5 months, and the amount of concentrate feeding may need to be increased in less than a month.
The above is the introduction of cattle feed and sheep feed. Since cattle and sheep have the same digestive function and are both ruminants, cattle feed and sheep feed can be used in common. But to fatten cattle and sheep, farmers need to differentiate the feed and increase their weight.