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How to prevent the four pests of pig farms in summer?

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How to prevent the four pests of pig farms in summer

Mosquitoes are the main vectors of pig JE, and flies are the main vectors of digestive tract diseases. As the weather gets hotter, flies and mosquitoes in pig farms gradually increase, posing a serious potential threat to pig farms. In addition, rodent damage in pig farms is also a headache. The main hazards are: one is stealing feed, and the other is infectious diseases. In a 5 -year-old pig farm without rodent control, the number of rodents will be more than double the number of pigs. If the number of pigs is calculated on a thousand pig farms, the rats in the whole farm can eat 50 kg of feed per day, which can be eaten in one year. 18 tons, and the loss of feed cost is more than 50,000 yuan. Rats are also the communicators of a variety of human and animal diseases, such as swine fever and colibacillosis. Pig farms must do a good job in epidemic prevention, and must eliminate rodents. The following are some specific methods for effectively eliminating flies, mosquitoes and mice in pig farms.


The method of eradicating flies


The usual way to eliminate flies is to spray flies or fly-killing drugs in pig houses, but these methods alone are difficult to fundamentally solve the problem. To completely eradicate flies, we must eliminate the breeding sites of flies. There are only many ways Combined use can effectively control the breeding and harm of flies.


1. Add low-toxic mosquito and fly-killing drug - cyromazine to the feed. Cypromazine is a high-efficiency and low-toxic insecticidal preparation, which has special effects on killing Dipteran larvae. It is used to control the reproduction of fly maggot larvae in the pen and kill the fly maggot in the septic tank. During the period of fly infestation, adding 50-100 grams of cyromazine per ton of feed can eliminate the flies before they become adults. This method has a very good effect in many southern pig farms.


2. Livestock and poultry manure is the main breeding place for flies. The pig farm should collect the manure produced in the septic tank or special manure pit every day, seal it with plastic cloth for fermentation regularly, and smother the eggs or larvae of the fly by sealing. Note that when covering with a plastic sheet, it must be covered tightly. If there is a hole in the plastic sheet, it needs to be tightly blocked with soil or other things, and there should be no air leakage.

3. Do a good job of environmental sanitation in the pig house. Pig manure and scattered feed in the barn are important places for flies to breed. It is also important to do a good job in the environmental sanitation in the pig house. It is necessary to regularly check the phenomenon of feeding in the pig house, and timely and thoroughly. Cleaning up the solution can reduce the number of flies to a certain extent.


4. It can also be coated on cardboard with fly-killing drugs and hung in the pigsty, and the poisoning effect on flies is also obvious.


Second, the method of eradicating mosquitoes


1. Nail window screens on the windows, which can effectively prevent the entry of mosquitoes. However, due to the denser screen screens, it will affect the ventilation inside and outside the house. Pay attention to the air convection in the pig house. It is more practical if mechanical ventilation facilities such as 36 or 50 fans are installed in the house .


2. Set up multiple mosquito-killing lamps inside and outside the pig house, which can also attract mosquitoes and kill them through drugs. Some pig farms use mosquito coils to repel mosquitoes (there are special livestock mosquito coils), which is also a good and practical way.


3. Drugs to kill mosquitoes. Placing insecticides in places where mosquitoes lay eggs and reproduce is also an effective way to control mosquitoes. Dead water is the main place for mosquitoes to lay eggs. As long as insecticides are placed in places where there is dead water in the pig farm, such as drains and rainwater, most of the mosquito eggs will be killed before they become adults. Greatly reduces the number of mosquitoes in the pig house.


4. Environmental sanitation inside and outside the pig farm is very important. The dirt stacking places and weeds are often the places where mosquitoes breed the most. Remove the weeds around the pig house and in the pig farm, so that the mosquitoes have no hiding place and are often concentrated. Dealing with dirt will make mosquitoes nowhere to hide, and it is also an effective way to reduce mosquitoes.


The control of mosquitoes and flies in large-scale pig farms is a systematic project. In the control of mosquitoes and flies, different methods can be selected for comprehensive control according to different stages of the life cycle of mosquitoes and flies. At the same time, do a good job of environmental sanitation inside and outside the pig farm, timely remove the accumulated manure in the manure ditch, strengthen ventilation, keep the house dry, and solve the problems of scattered feed, etc., are important measures to reduce the harm of mosquitoes and flies to large-scale pig farms.


3. Ways to get rid of mice


1. Building anti-rodent: refers to controlling the breeding and activities of rodents from the construction and sanitation of pig farms, and limiting the living space of rodents in various places to a minimum. Make it difficult for them to find food and shelter. The pig house and the surrounding environment are required to be clean and tidy, and the residual feed and domestic waste should be removed in time. The pig house construction such as the wall foundation, ground, doors and windows, etc. should be firm, and once the cave is found, it should be blocked immediately.


2. Mechanical rodent control: commonly used rat traps and electronic mouse traps (electric cats). Before using this method to catch mice, it is necessary to investigate the local situation of mice, and to find out which kind of mice are the main ones in the local area, so as to take targeted measures. In addition, the choice of bait often uses vegetables, melons and fruits as bait, and the bait should be changed frequently, especially on cloudy days, mice are more likely to be hooked. Mouse traps should be placed on rat holes and rat tracks. Mice often walk along the walls, and Rattus musculus often walks in ravines. Mousetrap should be cleaned frequently.


3. Chemical drug rodent control: The chemical drug rodent control method is commonly used in large-scale pig farms. The advantage is that the effect is quick and the cost is low. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a low-toxic rodenticide that is safe for humans and animals, and assign a special person to be responsible for spreading the medicine and picking up the rat carcasses. Commonly used rodenticides include sodium dichloride, Dalong, Wei Gong rodenticide, etc. (all anticoagulant rodenticides), the main mechanism is to destroy the prothrombin in the blood, make it lose its vitality, and at the same time make the capillary blood. become brittle, causing the rat to bleed from the internal organs and die. The common feature of these drugs is that they do not produce acute poisoning symptoms, are easily accepted by rodents, are not prone to food refusal, and are relatively safe for humans and animals.


4. Chinese medicine to kill rodents: Chinese medicines that can be used to kill rodents mainly include strychnids, Sophora flavescens, Xanthium, Mantuo, Tian Nanxing, Langdu, Shan Gong Lan, Bai Bai Weng and so on.


In addition, pig farms should establish and improve the rodent eradication system: general pig farms will conduct a census once a month according to the actual situation, and if necessary, eradicate rats in time; they can also establish and improve incentive policies according to the situation, and give full play to the enthusiasm of front-line employees to eradicate rats. Rat extermination by staff to minimize the level of rodent damage in pig farms. If rodent infestation is rampant, you can hire a professional rodent control agency to contract the work of rodent control throughout the year, and let them be responsible for all-round work such as investigating rodent conditions, distributing drugs, and collecting rat carcasses, which is efficient and fast.