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How to attract and feed suckling pigs to achieve the best effect? ? ?

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The pig industry has developed to this day, and the importance of creep feed  to suckling pigs, nursery pigs and fattening pigs has been fully understood and accepted by pig farms, so I won't elaborate too much here. The author found that many pig farmers in production are confused that feeding suckling pigs and feeding them are always counterproductive, and wanting suckling pigs to eat more feed during lactation is always unsatisfactory. To do a good job of attracting feeding, the quality of the feeding trough is the premise; in addition, the amount of milk secretion of the sow and the feeding method directly determine whether you can do the feeding work well. That is to say, the more milk the sow has, the less likely it is to induce feeding. On the contrary, the more milk the sow has, the easier it is for piglets to accept feed. Of course, in the case of the same quality of feed in the trough and the same milk secretion of the sows, the feeding method is particularly important for the success of feeding. The author combines many years of clinical experience to share with you.


Suckling pigs must learn to drink water before feeding, and water must be replenished before feeding. Only when suckling pigs learn to drink water will they not feel disgusted with the feed because of the dry mouth and even difficulty swallowing the feed.


Larger piglets in the same litter are not easy to feed, because the milk is enough to eat, so no matter how good the feed is, it is not better than the milk of the sow; in order to obtain a larger weaning weight for the smaller piglets, it can be used from time to time. Mandatory supplementary feeding. According to the characteristics of pigs' imitative behavior, if one pig learns to eat, the others will follow.


Supplementary creep feed must be done in small amounts and many times, so that the freshness of the feed is good, and the suckling pigs love to eat it. Leftovers in the trough that have not been eaten for more than hours are fed to older piglets or sows.


In the process of suckling pigs suckling, the trough material can be turned into porridge-like material with warm water and put on the sow teats, which is beneficial to suckling pigs to eat feed faster.


During health care, epidemic prevention, and treatment, suckling pigs can be forced to supplement feeding, so that suckling pigs can be exposed to dietary sources other than breast milk.


The round, red trough attracts suckling pigs. The feed trough is best placed next to the head of the sow at the farrowing bed. This will help suckling pigs learn what the sows eat.


Lactobacillus  (frequently fed) is fermented from pure milk and has a strong appetite. It can be directly added to the creep feed for pigs to eat. It can not only attract food, increase feed intake, but also prevent diarrhea, constipation, and digestion. Intestinal problems such as indigestion and flatulence.


The above methods can be adopted in combination with the actual situation of the pig farm. The criterion for successful feeding is that the 20 -day- old piglets can take the initiative to eat feed. In this way, it is possible for suckling pigs to eat more feed during the lactation period, the digestive system can be fully exercised, the stress after weaning is reduced, the piglets will not lose fat after weaning, the survival rate of nursery pigs will be improved, and the breeding efficiency of fattening pigs will be improved. .