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Four misunderstandings when choosing pig feed

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Feed is the only source of nutrition for pigs, and the quality of feed directly affects the efficiency of pig raising. However, some farmers have misunderstandings in the use of feed, and the following points should be paid attention to in production:

 Four misunderstandings when choosing pig feed

Strong fishy smell does not mean that there is too much fish meal in the feed


Some farmers often use the fishy smell of the feed to evaluate the content of fish meal  in the feed. In fact, it is wrong to judge the quality of the concentrate based on this. At present, there is an additive called fishy incense on the market. When it is added to the feed, it has a strong fishy smell. Pig farms  ( households ) should realize this and pay attention when purchasing feed.


Pigs go to sleep after eating does not indicate that the feed is good


Pigs have certain living habits, especially piglets under 40 kilograms, have a certain time to play around noon every day. Most of the pigs that sleep after eating are due to the addition of sedatives ( hypnotics ) in the feed. After eating the sedatives, the pigs destroy their normal physiological functions, so they are lethargic. The sedatives have the effect of lowering blood pressure, lowering body temperature, and accelerating the heartbeat of the pig's body, affecting its normal metabolism. To this end, the state has long established regulations for the feed industry, prohibiting the addition of these drugs.


The color of the feces does not prove the quality of the feed


To evaluate the quality of feed, it depends on the level of feed conversion rate. Some farmers believe that the black feces of pork chops prove that the feed is good, and the yellow feces prove that the feed is bad. In order to cater to the psychology of farmers, individual feed manufacturers add some substances that have no effect on the growth and development of pigs, such as sodium humate, blood meal and copper above 160ppm ( parts per million ) , which not only improves the feed The cost increases the burden on pig farmers, and there is no obvious growth-promoting effect.


Pig tail biting is not caused by insufficient feed nutrition


Pigs will develop pica if they do not get essential nutrients such as salt, protein or certain vitamins and trace elements for a long time. At present, the reasons for tail biting vary, such as herd density, injection, environmental conditions, light intensity, and lack of certain nutrients.


According to the Arshine's on-site observation, tail biting pigs are mostly 10-40 kg in weight, and tail biting is particularly serious in pigs weighing about 20 kg, and rarely occurs in lactating piglets or pigs weighing more than 40 kg. When a pig is about 20 kg, it is a period of hi-fight. It starts to bite its tail for fun. When the bite is broken and sees blood, it becomes a hobby of the pigs in the same pen. Most pigs are curious about pigs with tail bleeding and go to lick or bite. , which is one of the important reasons for pig tail biting.