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Five misunderstandings of sheep deworming

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Five misunderstandings of sheep deworming

We sheep farmers  all know that the sheep should be dewormed twice a year in the spring and autumn, because parasites absorb nutrients in the sheep, resulting in a decline in the sheep's body condition, malnutrition, and death in severe cases, but why the same deworming effect but not good?

I don't see the sheep getting fat even after deworming in spring, and I can't see the effect of deworming in autumn. Is it useless or the deworming medicine is fake? Your deworming method is wrong.

1. A single dewormer

Many sheep farmers only choose one kind of deworming medicine when deworming their sheep, thinking that they can get rid of all parasites. In fact, there is no panacea for deworming. When choosing deworming drugs, we should choose different deworming drugs. Combined application of medicines, some anthelmintics have obvious effects on external parasites, and some anthelmintics are effective on internal parasites, but not all internal parasites are effective, so we should be based on the needs of the flock and local parasites. For example, ivermectin has a good killing effect on external parasites and internal nematodes, and albendazole is effective on roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, pinworms, etc., so that both The combined effect will be better, so you can't think that one dewormer can get rid of all parasites, remember, there is no universal dewormer;

2. Fail to deworm again after 7 days

We kill the adult worms with the anthelmintic drugs for sheep. The worm eggs have not absorbed the nutrients on the sheep, so the anthelmintic drugs cannot be absorbed. Therefore, the anthelmintic drugs have no killing effect on the eggs, and the eggs are still Parasites will hatch. When the parasites hatched from the eggs absorb the nutrients in the sheep, the deworming medicine used before has been excreted by the sheep, and has no or little effect on the parasites, so the parasites are still It will continue to multiply in large numbers, causing the deworming to fail. According to the reproductive characteristics of parasites, it is recommended to repeat the deworming 7-10 days after the first use of the deworming drug, so that the parasites hatched from the eggs can be killed again;

3. The feces after deworming are not centrally treated

The feces after the deworming of sheep should be intensively fermented, because the parasites in the feces contain eggs, which will infect the sheep again. After concentrated fermentation, the eggs can be killed by high temperature, and the feces are kept away from the flock to reduce the chance of re-infection;

4. Inaccurate dosage of anthelmintic drugs

The doses of deworming medicines are calculated according to body weight. We sheep farmers make estimates. Some sheep may be overestimated, and some sheep may be underestimated. The consequence of this is that the overweight sheep may be poisoned. Light sheep may not have enough medicine to achieve the effect of deworming. It is recommended to weigh the sheep when deworming. If the sheep has a large workload, you can weigh 10-20 sheep, and then weigh the sheep according to the weight of the sheep. Weight is used as a reference for estimation;

5. Incorrect medication method

There are some oral anthelmintic drugs. Sheep farmers mix these anthelmintic drugs into the concentrate for feeding, so that some sheep eat more and some sheep eat less. Oral anthelmintic drugs must be used. Each animal is given according to body weight. If the mixture is fed, it must be fed one sheep by one sheep. At the same time, oral deworming drugs are best taken in the morning on an empty stomach; there are also some injections that are divided into intramuscular injection and intramuscular injection. Subcutaneous injection, many sheep farmers do not look at the injection method, all are intramuscular injection, which will greatly reduce the deworming effect, and even bring other effects to the sheep. When using anthelmintics, be sure to read the instructions carefully and use them according to the instructions in the instructions;

Deworming of sheep is very important. It is difficult for sheep farmers to determine which parasites are in sheep. Therefore, when choosing deworming drugs, we must choose broad-spectrum and efficient deworming drugs. Try not to deworm pregnant ewes, because capture or poisoning can cause miscarriage of ewes. Deworming should be done after the ewes have lambed. Of course, if the ewes have been seriously infected by parasites, they should be dewormed. Insect.