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Can't increase the milk production of cows? Most likely made these mistakes when raising cattle

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Many dairy farmers have recently reflected on why the milk production of their dairy cows is not always improving? This in the end is why? In response to this problem, let us start with the factors that affect the milk production of dairy cows, analyze the reasons one by one, and see what mistakes you have made in which link.

Can't increase the milk production of cows Most likely made these mistakes when raising cattle

There are many factors that affect the milk production of dairy cows, such as the age, parity and weight of dairy cows, as well as feed feeding and the physical condition of dairy cows are inextricably linked. There are also some farmers who do not operate properly when milking the cows, which will also affect the milk production of the cows.

Many farmers will ask, what is there to not milk in milking, and they have been running cattle farms for several years. However, after scientific demonstration, it is found that many cattle farmers make the same mistake. They always have to milk very thoroughly when milking, and stop until the cows can't express a drop of milk. Such behavior will cause the cows to consume their own nutrients and calories too quickly. If the feed is not kept up, the cows will lose fat and be unable to express milk. And it will also affect the cows to reduce libido and make it more difficult to get pregnant.

The appropriate milking time should be during the secretion period of the cow. At this time, the cow's body will adjust the nutrient distribution and hormones in the body. Do not consume all the cow's physical strength and nutrition excessively every time you milk. During the dry period, that is, just after milking, the cows must be fed with care. At this time, the cows should be fed with more fine feed, and 30% more feed than before milking, which can ensure that the cows are dry. Period will not lose fat.

Secondly, the feeding environment of dairy cows is also particularly important. If the cowshed is not kept hygienic, the cows will be prone to illness, and the immunity of dairy cows will also be reduced during the dry period, and they are easily infected by unclean indoor bacteria. In summer, the barn is cleaned and disinfected twice a week on average three times a week. In winter and autumn, the temperature drop can reduce the cleaning of the cowshed, but the number of disinfection cannot be reduced. It is necessary to ensure that the breeding environment is very clean to ensure the parity and health of the cows.

Then, the quality of milk production is sometimes not good, which has a great relationship with the premature ripening and breeding of dairy cows. The milk production of dairy cows has a great relationship with the quality of dairy cows. If the breeding of dairy cows is not good, milk will appear A case of poor production.