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Can big pigs grow faster if they are fed with nutrient-rich piglet feed?

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Can big pigs grow faster if they are fed with nutrient-rich piglet feed

The process of raising pigs will involve changing the  feed for pigs. It is better to feed pigs different feeds according to different growth stages of pigs. Then, if the piglets are self-propagating and self-raising, is it better to feed fattening feed when the piglets are old? If the big pigs are fed with nutrient-rich piglet feed, can the big pigs grow faster? Today we will talk about this topic.

1. How old do piglets start to feed fattening pig feed?


Pig farmers can start feeding piglets with fattening pig feed after the piglets reach 120 days of age or after their weight reaches 60 kg. Before the piglets are born to 80 days old, they use piglet feed; during the period of 80-119 days, they are in the breeding stage and can use medium pig feed; after 120 days of age, they are in the fattening stage and need to be fed to fattening pigs It can be used as feed to promote rapid growth and fattening of pigs.


But many farms will change according to the actual situation. For example, because medium pig feed is more nutritious, if the price of pigs is good, some farms will postpone the use of large pig feed and use medium pig feed until the pigs are slaughtered in order to make the pigs go out quickly. This change is also possible of. In addition, if we want the pigs to be slaughtered in advance, we can also use it for fattening pigs: fattening Taibao, which can regulate the intestines and stomach of pigs, increase the feed intake and utilization rate of feed, so as to grow meat and fatten faster.

2. How to feed fattening pigs to grow fast?


1. Regular and quantitative feeding. If you want fattening pigs to grow fast, you must feed the pigs regularly, quantitatively, and at a fixed number of times, so that the pigs can form a regular schedule. In terms of feeding amount, the total amount of the pig’s diet should be the weight of the pig × 0.04 , The small pigs should be fed more appropriately, and the large pigs should be reduced appropriately. If the pigs do not lick the trough after eating the feed, it means that the pigs are full. In addition, it can also be used for pigs at ordinary times: Duoweitaibao, supplements nutrition, and enhances physical fitness.


2. Even feeding. When feeding pigs, it should be spread evenly from one end of the trough to the other end to ensure that each pig can eat the same amount of feed, so as to avoid some pigs in a pen that cannot eat feed and lose fat, resulting in abnormal body shape. Even condition. In addition, if it is piglets, it can also be used for piglets: nursery protection, enhance physical fitness, reduce the probability of weak pigs, and lay the foundation for subsequent fattening.


3. Feed diversification. Usually, the pigs can be fed alternately with wet and dry materials to increase the feed intake of the pigs. Note that when making wet feed, put in water 1-1.2 times the total amount of feed and stir evenly. It should not be too thin, and the pigs will not be full. Water, such a ratio is the best, which is conducive to the digestion of pigs and can also increase feed intake.


The above are related topics about feeding fattening pigs. If you want fattening pigs to grow well, pig farmers should do a good job in feeding and management at the piglet stage to ensure that the pigs have a good physique.