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Calcium formate as a feed additive has miraculous effects in breeding production

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Calcium formate as a feed additive has miraculous effects in breeding production

Adding  calcium formate  to piglet feed can improve the digestion and absorption rate of calcium source and prevent diarrhea; adding calcium formate to sow feed can prevent sow postpartum hemiplegia and other diseases; adding calcium formate to laying hen feed can change egg production. Increase the density of eggshells and improve the quality; calcium formate is added to aquatic feeds such as prawns to prevent difficulty in shelling and improve their survival rate.

Calcium formate is used as a feed additive and is suitable for all kinds of animals. It has the functions of acidification, mildew resistance and antibacterial.

Two functions of formic acid in aquaculture production

Feed grade calcium formate is firstly organic calcium. Strictly speaking, it contains 39% calcium and 61% formic acid. It can be said that the purity is particularly high. As a feed additive, it has many advantages such as high calcium content, low heavy metal content, good water solubility, and good palatability for livestock and poultry. As a high-quality calcium source, the calcium in calcium formate can play a good role in calcium supplementation, while the other component - formic acid, has two particularly important functions, and it is difficult to replace it with other products.

1. Lower the pH value of the gastrointestinal tract. The stomach of animals originally needs a good acidic environment. For itself, it produces gastric acid to lower the pH value. As an exogenous acid, formic acid, on the one hand, greatly reduces the burden of acid production in the stomach for the breeding objects and improves the The digestion and absorption efficiency of food in the stomach; on the other hand, the acidic environment inhibits the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria such as Escherichia coli in the stomach and creates a suitable living environment for probiotics such as lactic acid bacteria, further preventing the occurrence of diarrhea in piglets and other farmed animals.

2. As an organic acid, formic acid can complex many small molecule minerals. For example, calcium and magnesium ions, iron ions and other trace elements that animals need in the body, to put it simply, can better promote the absorption of minerals in the intestinal tract of farmed animals

How to distinguish true and false feed grade calcium formate?

The main method is as follows:

1. Look: The genuine product is a white crystal in color , and the shape is uniform in size.

2. Smell: Feed-grade calcium formate and industrial calcium formate can be distinguished by simply smelling the smell. Feed-grade calcium formate is odorless, while industrial-grade calcium formate has a pungent smell, which is more pungent .

3. Taste: Since it is a feed additive, it is okay to taste a small amount of it. The very bitter taste is industrial grade formate. The main reason is that heavy metals exceed the standard. Of course, feed grade formate will also have a lighter bitter taste. normal .

4. Melting water experiment: Feed grade formate is easily soluble in water, and there is no sediment at the bottom of the cup; while industrial grade calcium formate is dissolved in water, the water quality is turbid, and there are often impurities such as undissolved lime powder at the bottom.


At present, calcium formate is widely favored by farmers and consumers as a green and safe feed additive. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, food safety awareness continues to increase. Effective, cheap, safe, and residue-free feed additives are worthy of recognition. It will be the mainstream aquaculture drug in the future aquaculture industry.