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Breeding sows raised skillfully in three stages

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Breeding sows raised skillfully in three stages

1. Feeding of empty pregnant sows: The period from weaning of piglets to breeding and pregnancy of breeding sows is the empty pregnant period. The sows in the empty pregnant period are generally poor in body condition, and some are very weak. Because it consumes a lot of physical strength in the process of feeding piglets, in order to restore physical strength as soon as possible, short-term optimal feeding can be carried out to promote fat gain. It can be fed with full price compound feed. Its formula is: 45% corn, 18% barley, 20% dried sweet potato, 10% bean cake, 4% rice bran, 1.5% fish meal, 1% bone meal, and 0.5% table salt. When the fat condition increases to 50% to 60%, the pigs can be in estrus and ovulate, and they will be bred in time.
2. Feeding of pregnant sows: At this stage of feeding, the feeding method of step by step can be adopted. In the early stages of pregnancy, the fetus grows very slowly and requires less nutrition. During this period, roughage should be the main feed, and it is sufficient to add concentrate. In the second trimester, the fetus becomes active in the mother's body, its development speed increases, and the nutrition it needs also increases. In this period, it is necessary to meet the needs of the fetus for nutrients, and to prevent the sow from being too fat. Because the sow's fat condition is too fat, it will inhibit the growth and development of the fetus, and some even cause the fetus to change. During this period, half and half of fine feed and rough feed can be used. In the late pregnancy, the fetus grows and develops rapidly in the mother's body and needs a lot of nutrients. Therefore, its diet should increase in quantity and improve in quality. The dietary formula is: 2.5 kg of corn, 0.5 kg of bean cake, 0.25 kg of dried sweet potato, 1 kg of barley, 0.5 kg of sorghum, 25 grams of bone meal, and 15 grams of salt.
3. Feeding of farrowing and lactating sows: After the sows are born, the feeding method of two less and more in the middle should be adopted. Sows should be fed less every day within 10 days of farrowing. Because the piglets suck very little milk during this period. If the sow is fed too much or too well, the lactation will be vigorous, the milk output will be large and the quality will be good, and the young pigs will easily cause indigestion if they eat it. Excess milk accumulated in the udder is also prone to mastitis in sows. Between 10 and 50 days after farrowing, piglets grow and develop rapidly and need to suck a lot of breast milk. The sow's diet must not only increase, but also improve the quality. Try to make the sow eat more and drink more to meet the needs of a large amount of lactation. When the piglets are about to be weaned, the daily feeding amount of the sows should be gradually reduced, and the quality of the feed should be reduced to achieve the purpose of reducing lactation and accelerating the weaning of piglets.