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Aquatic oxytocin, vitamins and growth-promoting agents

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Aquatic oxytocin, vitamins and growth-promoting agents

The metabolism and growth of animals are mainly the utilization and transformation of energy by animals. The utilization of energy by aquatic animals is related to many factors. In addition to changes in environmental conditions, feed nutrition levels, and body health, the balance of various nutritional factors required for metabolism in the body is also an important factor. Deficiencies or excesses of growth and metabolic factors lead to diseases of metabolism, growth and reproduction.

The use of some drugs that can promote metabolism and growth in aquaculture production can regulate metabolism, enhance physical fitness, and improve immunity; or promote the growth and sexual maturity of aquatic animals, thereby improving the utilization rate and transformation ability of aquatic animals for energy. At present, the commonly used drugs for the metabolism and growth of aquatic animals mainly include oxytocin, vitamins and growth-promoting agents .


1. Human chorionic gonadotropin

Chorionic gonadotropin is the chorionic gonadotropin extracted from the urine of pregnant women. It can promote the release of gonadotropins from the pituitary of fish, promote the secretion of estrogen from fish follicles, make the follicles mature, and promote the differentiation, maturation and production of androgens of male sperm.

Note: It has antigenicity and is only used for breeding of aquatic animals, prohibited for food animals.

2. Luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone analogs

Its chemical composition is a nonapeptide analog, which makes the pituitary of the fish release gonadotropins, promotes the production and growth of male sperm, and promotes the secretion of estrogen from the follicles of female fish, so that the follicles mature, ovulate and luteinize. agent. It is suitable for aphrodisiac, ripening, and labor in fish.

Note: Only for artificial breeding of fish.

Vitamin premix for aquatic animals

1. Vitamin C sodium powder

Vitamin C participates in the redox process of the body, affecting the formation of nucleic acids, iron absorption, hematopoietic function, detoxification and immune function. Improve the fertilization rate and hatching rate, and promote growth. After oral administration, it is absorbed in the small intestine and distributed throughout the body. It is not easy to store in the body, and the content in the body is parallel to the metabolic intensity. When deficient, animals suffer from enteritis, anemia, thinness, scoliosis, lordosis, eye damage, diffuse subcutaneous hemorrhage, weight loss, lack of appetite, decreased resistance and loss of vitality. For the treatment of scurvy, prevention and treatment of Pb, Hg, As poisoning, enhance the body's non-specific immune function.

2.Menadione sodium bisulfite powder(vitamin K3)

It is an essential substance for the liver to synthesize the original enzyme (factor B), and participates in the synthesis of coagulation factors VII, IX and X, and maintains the physiological process of animal blood coagulation. Lack of the above-mentioned coagulation factors can cause synthesis disorders, affecting the coagulation process and causing bleeding. And have diuretic, enhance liver detoxification function, participate in membrane structure, lower blood pressure function.

growth promoter

1.Betaine hydrochloride premix

This product has the function of donating methyl group, which can save part of methionine. It can regulate the osmotic pressure in the body, ease the emergency, promote fat metabolism and protein synthesis, and at the same time have the effect of attracting food.

2.Boluohui San

The main active ingredients of Boluohui San are sanguinarine and chelerythrine, which have various biological activities such as anti-inflammatory and growth-promoting. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, appetizing, improves the utilization rate of feed, and promotes growth. Used to promote the growth of freshwater fish, shrimp, crab and turtle, soft-shelled turtle.