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Application of Yucca Extract in Animal Production

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Application of Yucca Extract in Animal Production

my country is a large livestock and poultry production  country in the world. The large-scale and intensive production produces a large amount of excrement, sewage and harmful gases, especially the use of chemical fertilizers, which prevents a large amount of manure from being returned to the field and causes serious pollution to the environment. If these high-concentration excrement and sewage are not properly treated, they will certainly become the source of infection of livestock and poultry infectious diseases, parasitic diseases and zoonotic diseases. Harmful gases and odors such as sulfide, ammonia and aliphatic compounds produced by feces and urine can affect the physiological and respiratory functions of humans and animals, and are highly toxic. Therefore, the environmental pollution control of farms is the key to the sustainable development of my country's aquaculture industry.

Yucca extract  is a natural product preparation. Only adding a small amount (100-300g/t) to the feed can significantly remove the odor of animal excrement and urine, and at the same time it has a good nutritional effect on animals.

Yucca Extract Profile

Yucca is an evergreen shrub belonging to the Yucca family of Agaveaceae. It has a special physiological structure and is highly resistant to harmful gases. It is commonly known as pineapple. Yucca genus extract, its main components are steroidal saponins, free saponins, polysaccharides, polyphenols, etc. Now, in addition to being used as a deodorant for livestock, yucca extract is also used in the production of other products, such as a foaming agent for carbonated drinks and an enhancer of food flavor.

Mechanism of Yucca Extract in Reducing Ammonia Emission

Among the odorous gases produced by manure and urine in farms, ammonia gas occupies a large proportion. It and highly toxic hydrogen sulfide have become the main odor indicator gases in farms. Therefore, the use effect of general deodorants is mainly determined by determining whether the volatilization of ammonia or hydrogen sulfide can be significantly reduced after addition. In one aspect, yucca extract is a urease inhibitor, thereby inhibiting the production of ammonia in feces and urine. On the other hand, yucca extract can encourage microorganisms to use ammonia to form microbial proteins, thereby reducing the concentration of ammonia. In addition, yucca extract has the ability to directly bind ammonia, thereby reducing the ammonia content of feces and urine in intestinal contents; yucca extract can also prevent the nitrification of nitrogen in feces and urine, so that nitrogen exists in the form of inorganic matter, so that The amount of ammonia emitted into the atmosphere is reduced. Test reports: steroidal saponins have no inhibitory effect on urease activity, while free saponins have stronger inhibitory effect on urease activity. Adding yucca extract can significantly reduce the ammonia concentration in the animal's internal and external environment.

Reduce nitrogen, phosphorus excretion and methane emissions

Adding yucca extract can reduce the excretion of ammonia nitrogen in the urine of male rats; reduce the excretion of nitrogen in urine of sheep; reduce the excretion of nitrogen in shrimp in water and improve water quality; when it interacts with 18% protein, the excretion of phosphorus in growing pigs is the lowest. At the same time, it was found in the external test of the rumen liquid of dairy cows that the addition of Yucca extract significantly reduced the gas production of methane, reduced energy loss, and reduced environmental pollution.

Improve animal resistance to disease

Yucca extract has the effect of thickening the intestinal mucosa of animals, which can prevent certain viruses from invading, inhibit the absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract by viruses and harmful bacteria, and inhibit their proliferation in the digestive tract. Respiratory diseases. In addition, yucca extract can also reduce blood ammonia concentration and avoid animal nervous system disorders caused by it. Adding yucca extract to the diet of broilers can reduce the incidence of ascites in broilers. In vitro tests found that yucca extract can inhibit the growth of flagellates. Adding yucca extract to the diet of piglets, the diarrhea rate of piglets was significantly reduced, and the anti-stress ability was also improved.

Improve the quality of animal products

Creatine level is positively correlated with meat quality. Insulin can promote protein synthesis and reduce urea synthesis rate. Adding yucca extract can increase serum creatine and insulin levels and improve meat quality.

Improve the environment in the digestive tract. Promote digestion and absorption of nutrients

Due to its special chemical structure, steroidal saponins can change the shape of the epithelial cell membrane of the digestive tract, reduce the surface tension of the cell membrane, and promote the absorption of nutrients. At the same time, by reducing the concentration of ammonia, it can reduce the proliferation of intestinal tissue, slow down its renewal, and reduce the consumption of energy, protein and oxygen. Yucca extract also has certain biological activity, which can stimulate anaerobic fermentation, promote rumen fermentation, and increase microbial protein synthesis. Plus, adding yucca extract slows down the time it takes for food to pass through the digestive tract.

in conclusion

As people pay more attention to pollution prevention and environmental protection, and to reduce the environmental pollution caused by intensive animal production, the development and application of deodorants are getting more and more attention. As a natural plant additive, yucca extract can improve the animal production environment and animal health, improve the quality of animal products, and does not contain any harmful chemical substances, has no toxic side effects, and does not pollute the environment. It is used as a raw material or formulated into Animal products produced from feed are safe and reliable. At the same time, a large number of studies have shown that adding yucca extract to feed can increase animal growth, improve animal health, and increase feed conversion rate. And its addition amount is only 1/10-1/100 of that of enzyme preparations and microecological preparations, so it is extremely economical and competitive.