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Application of urea phosphate fertilizer in agriculture

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Saline-alkali land is an critical land aid. With increasing populace stress, the development, exploitation, and utilization of saline-alkali land have extended the attention toward it. Phosphorus (p) is an crucial nutrient detail for plant boom and improvement, that could directly affect the crop yield in agricultural manufacturing. The saline-alkali soil ph cost is high, and phosphate fertilizers have the capability to speedy react with this soil’s components forming insoluble phosphate molecules that cannot be absorbed and utilized by vegetation.  Research have shown that, in saline-alkali soil beneath salt pressure, the call for for p increases, and the application of aUrea phosphate fertilizerpromotes crop increase and improvement and improves salt tolerance.  Consequently, enhancing the usage rate of p in saline-alkali soil is of first-rate importance.

At gift, techniques to improve p utilization in alkaline soil particularly include intercropping, utility of microbial fertilizers, and other practices. But, low effects and high expenses of these options restrict their promoting and use.  Lowering the soil ph improves solubility of secondary calcium (ca) and p nutrients in soil and performs a important function in enhancing the effective utilization of p in alkaline soil. Urea phosphate (up), (h3po4·co(nh2)2), is a fantastically acidic amino-established complicated organized through the reaction of phosphoric acid with urea, which can be used not best as a feed additive for ruminants however additionally as a high-efficiency phosphorus fertilizer. The software of up can lessen the ph cost of soil and the fixation impact of soil on phosphorus. But, the nutrition element of up isn't always balanced, containing only n and p, and it is best used as fertilizer additive inside the market, which reduces the fertilizer efficiency and limits its merchandising and application. In the meantime, the crystalline fluidization of up is low, and this isn't favorable for commercial manufacturing.


Urea phosphateis a natural crystal hydrosoluble fertilizer which incorporates excessive concentrations of urea nitrogen and phosphorus.

Urea phosphate must be used at the start of plant development while plants require high degrees of phosphorus if you want to assist the growth of an ideal root system.

Urea phosphate unique composition produces a robust acidifying impact intended to easy and put off any encrustation from the fertigation device, in addition to to free hint factors needed by using plants from soil colloidal debris.

Natural salts for fertigation allow to modify the vitamins deliver in keeping with the unique necessities of the crops.

urea phosphate uses

Urea phosphate is a water soluble fertilizer, in crystalline form, with a high degree of purity and a high concentration of ureic nitrogen and phosphorus. It is endorsed that it be used at the start of the vegetative improvement, while the plant calls for huge portions of phosphorus to form a nicely evolved root machine.

Its special method determines a strong acidifying action that demobilizes the hint elements inside the soil colloids, and enables to preserve the irrigation gadget smooth

Arshine urea phosphate is a fantastically pure phosphate and nitrogen fertilizer, which dissolves rapidly and contributes to root improvement in early plant ranges till flowering and early fruit set. This product may be used for open area fertigation, greenhouses, foliar application and as a raw fabric for extraordinary fertilizers.