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Application and Effect of Feed Grade Additive Calcium Iodate in Layer Feeding

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Application and Effect of Feed Grade Additive Calcium Iodate in Layer Feeding

Abstract: The main advantage lies in the application and development of laying hens . The high-iodine eggs produced have a wide range of human medical and health care values.

Calcium iodate  has been used in laying hens for more than 10 years in Japan , and its products have entered the Western European market. In China , the production of high-iodine eggs is still a new thing in the ascendant. According to literature , when 230mg/kg Ca(IO3)2 ∙ H2O` is added to the feed to feed chickens , due to the ability of the chicken body to convert inorganic iodine into The unique physiological function of organic iodine can make the iodized amino acid in chicken strips accumulate to 7 * 10-6 or higher. The eggs have the effect of treating various diseases such as cardiovascular diseases , and can improve the production rate of laying hens and reduce feed consumption. If potassium iodide at the same level as the above-mentioned calcium iodate is added, the egg production rate will decrease.

It is generally considered that 100 - 1000 * 10-6 is suitable for the addition amount in laying hen feed . It is more appropriate to feed laying hens with such feed to produce high iodine eggs with different iodine content.

High-iodine eggs have no difference in appearance from ordinary eggs , mainly because the nutrients are significantly improved and the cholesterol content is significantly reduced. The iodine content of high-iodine eggs is 600-2000 micrograms per egg , while that of ordinary eggs is only 6-30 micrograms . High-iodine eggs contain 65% more vitamin A than ordinary eggs , and much more vitamin H and folic acid. High-iodine eggs contain 50% less cholesterol than ordinary eggs , while the high-density lipocholesterol, which is beneficial to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, is significantly higher. According to literature reports in recent years , high-density lipid cholesterol is too low , can lead to sudden death. The iodine in high-iodine eggs exists as organic iodine , most of which exist in the egg yolk in the form of lecithin iodine and nitrogen iodide. Compared with calcium iodate , this organic iodine greatly increases the range of disease prevention and treatment.

High-iodine eggs have a definite effect on lowering blood pressure, blood fat and relieving asthma. A long period of clinical observation has confirmed that high-iodine eggs have no adverse effects on liver, kidney, heart, and thyroid function , and have no accumulation effect. After taking it, it is generally reported that appetite, sleep, and physical strength are gradually enhanced. According to statistics from Japan on 300,000 people who ate high-iodine eggs , 97% of those who ate 1-2 high-iodine eggs per bite were less likely to catch a cold , 76% had reduced asthma , and 80% had reduced blood cholesterol. 4%, 70% of patients with low blood pressure recovered , 81% of those with improved anemia , 86% of those with improved diabetes , and 80% of those with improved kidney disease . At present , Japan has listed high-iodine eggs as a health food for preventing diseases and delaying aging.