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Benzalkonium Chloride, What Is It?

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Benzalkonium chloride  is a cationic surfactant, a non-oxidizing bactericide, with a large-spectrum, high-performance bactericidal and algae-killing capability, can effectively manage the boom of micro organism and algae and slime increase inside the water, and has exact slime peeling it has a certain degree of dispersion and penetration, in addition to a certain degree of oil removal, deodorization and corrosion inhibition.

What is benzalkonium chloride?

Benzalkonium chloride (also called bzk or bkc) is an alcohol-unfastened antimicrobial compound that has been extensively used within the healthcare enterprise for extra than 60 years. Used in formulas for preservatives, floor cleaners, sterilizing agents, and go away-on, fda monograph anti-bacterial pores and skin remedy merchandise. The chemical homes of benzalkonium chloride make it an awesome candidate for chronic antimicrobial pastime in mammalian tissue.

What's benzalkonium chloride utilized in?

Benzalkonium chloride-based totally leave-handy sanitisers have confirmed efficacy in actual-international environments. While evaluated in junior school environments wherein the significance of right hygiene practices together with hand washing is taught and emphasised; the usage of non-alcohol benzalkonium chloride-based totally go away-on on the spot hand sanitisers reduced infection absenteeism 30-forty% in double-blind, placebo-controlled studies as opposed to hand washing alone.

Benzalkonium chloride isn't always just utilized in hand-sanitisers however, it could additionally be used as an antimicrobial preservative for pharmaceutical merchandise.

Benzalkonium Chloride What Is It

Benzalkonium chloride (bkc) applications:


The safety, the purity or the efficacy of ophthalmic merchandise are under constant danger of microbial contamination. Therefore, it's miles essential to make use of an effective preservative of the purest and most secure components. Benzalkonium chloride is used as a preservative in each human and veterinary ophthalmics and is the most not unusual and effective preservative.

Nasal formulations

It's far critical to hold in opposition to infection by way of using handiest the purest and safest ingredients when formulations are in touch with mucosal tissue. One of the most commonly used and powerful preservatives is benzalkonium chloride 

Topical formulations

Quats act on a huge range of microorganisms and are popular antiseptics with a broad history of use in topical products along with antiseptic drinks, hand sanitizers, gels and lotions.

Oral or dental formulations

It's miles essential to rent only the purest and most secure ingredients whilst formulations are in contact with buccal tissue. Benzalkonium chloride may be used as excipient or as active pharmaceutical element (api) for oral and dental formulations.

Wound care and scientific devices

Pure and secure components are vital while medical devices are in touch with either healthful or broken natural tissue.

Private care

Our quats are odourless and colourless, and with their efficacy in all ph levels they're famed antiseptics with a long-lasting history of use in topical non-public care products which includes facial scrubs, creams and cleansing gels.

Birth control formulations

Benzalkonium chloride is scientifically confirmed to be a successful spermicide. Our benzalkonium chloride (bac / bak / bkc) is used in diverse spermicidal merchandise with a concentration of lively quat that usually varies from 0.1 to at least one.5%.

Antiseptic sellers

Benzalkonium chloride is greatly utilized in formulations for direct topical utility that typically contain between 0.1 and 1% lively quat. This attention contributes both with a preservative impact for the solution and an antiseptic effect at the pores and skin.