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Many places around the world are still plagued by ASF

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Many places around the world are still plagued by ASF

Although it has been nearly 4 years since the first case of African swine fever in my country, the official data is as of December 14, 2021. According to the statistics of the Feed Industry Information Network, from August 3, 2018 to December 2021 On March 14, the official announced a total of 191 cases of African swine fever, and more than 15,000 live pigs were culled (the actual number is far more than that). As of 2022, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has not issued any further notices about African swine fever. But we all know that African swine fever has always been there. Although it is not as menacing as it was four years ago, it has always been an existence that our pig industry cannot ignore.

Looking at the world is no exception. Since the beginning of this year, many countries such as India, Germany, Ukraine, South Korea, Italy, and Thailand have announced the African swine fever epidemic, which affects the global pig industry all the time.


Assam is the latest state to report African swine fever after a pig in the village of Bhogali Pathar in Dibrugarh district of India tested positive for the African swine fever virus. , Mizoram, Sikkim, Nagaland, Tripura, and Uttarakhand and Bihar all reported cases of African swine fever.

According to Indian government data, since 2020, around 40,159 pigs have died from the disease in the state as of July 11 this year, in addition to 1,181 pigs culled this year.


The German Ministry of Agriculture issued a statement on July 2 saying that African swine fever was detected on farms in Lower Saxony in the northwest and Brandenburg in the east, the two largest pig-raising states in Germany. About 4,000 cases of African swine fever have been confirmed in wild boars in Germany, mainly in eastern Germany. Since 2020, my country has also issued a "banning order" on German pork.


According to the World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH), on June 15, 2022, the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine reported to WOAH that there was an outbreak of African swine fever in Ukraine.

The outbreak occurred in Konotop District, Samui State, which was confirmed on June 15, 2022. The source of the outbreak is unknown or uncertain. Laboratory tests found that 5 pigs were suspected to be infected, of which 1 became ill and died, and 4 pigs were killed and disposed of.


Two cases of African swine fever were found in pigs on a farm near the Italian capital's Marazio region, Reuters reported. The first case of African swine fever infection in wild boars was detected in Italy on January 7, 2022. China immediately suspended pork imports from Italy.

South Korea

According to Yonhap News Agency, citing a government source in Gangwon-do, South Korea, an African swine fever outbreak occurred on a farm there. This is the first case of African swine fever in South Korea this year. It is reported that the case was found on a farm in Hongcheon County, Gangwon Province, only 1 km away from where the infected wild boar carcass was found on May 20.


Sorawi, director of the Animal Husbandry Development Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives of Thailand, confirmed on January 11 that a case of African swine fever was found in a slaughterhouse in Nakhon Pathom, near Bangkok. This is the first officially confirmed case of African swine fever in Thailand.

On July 20, 2022, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention released the "Key Points for the Prevention and Control of African Swine Fever during the High Temperature and Rainy Season in Summer", instructing farmers to take normalized prevention and control measures for African swine fever and maintain the good momentum of live pig production.