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Hungary adds eggs and potatoes to list of restricted-price foods

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Hungary adds eggs and potatoes to list of restricted-price foods

Hungarian Prime Minister Gujas announced on the 9th that the government has decided to include eggs and potatoes in the list of foods protected by the price cap.

Prices of potatoes and medium-sized eggs will not exceed September 30 levels, Guash said at a news conference that day.

According to data released by the Hungarian Central Bureau of Statistics on the 9th, the prices of potatoes and eggs in Hungary have risen sharply in recent months.

Hungarian Prime Minister Orban said recently that in order to make every effort to reduce inflation, the list of limited-price food will be expanded. He stressed that inflation should be lowered to single digits by the end of 2023.

According to the latest official data released by Hungary, the country's inflation rate reached 21.1% in October. In addition to energy prices, soaring food prices are also one of the main factors behind the surge in inflation, with food prices rising 40% year-on-year in October.

In order to reduce the burden on people's livelihood brought about by inflation, the Hungarian government in January this year set price ceilings for six basic food items including sugar and wheat flour. In addition, the Hungarian government has imposed price caps on vehicle fuel since November last year.