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Urea phosphate

Urea phosphate


Urea phosphate, also known as urea phosphate or urea phosphate, is a ruminant feed additive superior to urea and can provide non protein nitrogen and phosphorus at the same time. It is an organic substance with the chemical formula of CO (NH2)2· H3PO4. It is easily soluble in water and the aqueous solution becomes acidic.

Name of Product: Urea Phosphate 17-44-00
Date of Production: MAR 2, 2021Batch No.: 2021030211
Date of Expiry: MAR 2, 2023Quantity:25.00 MT
Structure:Formula: H3PO4·CO(NH2)2 Formula Weight: 158.05
CAS: 4861-19-2
No. of Standard : Q/62089823-7.3-2002
Main Content                 %≥9898.7
P2O5                                %≥4444.2
Nitrogen, as N               %≥1717.3
Water insoluble             %≤0.10.01
Moisture                         %≤0.50.01
pH of 1% water solution1.6-2.01.7


Urea phosphate is an excellent feed additive, which is specially used for the nutritional addition of ruminant herbivorous livestock of cattle and sheep. It has remarkable effect on the feeding of dairy livestock, meat livestock and young livestock. It can provide livestock with phosphorus and non protein nitrogen (urea nitrogen). It is especially suitable for ruminant feeding. It can slow down the release and transfer rate of nitrogen in rumen and blood of cattle and sheep, and its safety is higher than that of urea.


Store in dry conditions below 30º C, away from sunlight. After opening, it should be stored in a separate package.

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