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Calcium lactate

Calcium lactate


As a feed additive, calcium lactate can increase milk production, reduce egg shell breaking rate, and promote the growth of young animals.

AppearanceAlmost odourless, whife crystalline powder or granulesOdourless,white crystalline powder
Assay98.0 – 101.0 % w/w98.5 % w/w
Assay calcium13.1 – 14.5 % w/w13.6 % w/w
Loss on drying22.0-27.0  % w/w24.6 % w/w
Positive test for lactatePasses testPasses test
Positive test for calciumPasses testPasses test
PH(5% solution)6.0-8.07.5
Iron 25 ppm 25 ppm
Chlorid 80 ppm 80 ppm
Sulphate 400 ppm 400 ppm
Phosphate 150 ppm 150 ppm
Fluoride 15 ppm 15 ppm
Heavy metals (as Pb) 5 ppm 5 ppm
Lead 2 ppm 2 ppm
Arsenic 1 ppm 1 ppm
Mercury 1 ppm 1 ppm
Reducing substances(sugars)Passes Fehling testPasses test
Volatile fatty acidsPasses EP testPasses test
Magnesium and alkali salts 1 % w/w 1 % w/w
Acidity and alkaliPasses testPasses test
Mesophilic bacteria 1000  Couts/g 10 Couts/g
Moulds 100  Couts/g 10 Couts/g
Yrasts 50  Couts/g 10 Couts/g


1. Calcium lactate can promote the absorption and utilization of various nutrients in the feed by livestock and poultry, improve the disease resistance and cold resistance of the animal body, reduce the occurrence of death, and increase the survival rate.

2. Improve the production performance of animals, increase the egg weight and eggshell hardness of laying poultry, increase the egg production rate and stably prolong the egg production peak, promote the milk secretion of female livestock, increase milk production and milk density, and promote the growth rate of animals;

3. Relieve all kinds of colic

4. Improve animal body shape and meat color, and improve meat quality;

5. Improve feed palatability and increase animal feed intake;


Store in dry conditions below 30º C, away from sunlight. After opening, it should be stored in a separate package.

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