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Complex Enzyme

Complex Enzyme


Complex enzyme is a product that can realize the catalytic effect of multiple enzymes. It is composed of antioxidant enzymes, lysozyme and other enzymes. The main functions include: bacteriostasis, scavenging free radicals, anti-aging, eliminating inflammatory reaction, protecting and repairing skin and mucosal barrier, etc.


The compound enzyme is suitable for aquaculture of pigs, chickens, cattle, pigeons, quails, fish and shrimp.
1, improve gastrointestinal function, effectively inhibit the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria in the intestinal tract of livestock and poultry, enhance immunity, reduce incidence rate and mortality.
2. Promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients in feed by livestock and poultry, and improve the feed conversion rate by 5-9%.
3. Promote growth and significantly increase the yield of meat, eggs and milk, up to 2-5%.
Improve the quality of meat, egg and milk, reduce cholesterol, improve the color of eggshell and yolk, increase the thickness of eggshell, reduce the occurrence of abnormal eggs and improve the lean meat rate.
4. Long term use can significantly reduce the odor of livestock and poultry feces and ammonia in livestock houses, and improve the breeding environment.
5. It is convenient and economical to use. Direct mixing can improve the economic benefit by about 16%.
6. It is non-toxic, harmless and has no side effects. It is a good product for the production of green food.


Store in dry conditions below 30ยบ C, away from sunlight. After opening, it should be stored in a separate package.

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