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Flavomycin Premix

Flavomycin Premix


Flavomycin interferes with the biosynthesis of bacterial cell walls, leading to the rupture of bacterial cells, and has obvious inhibitory and killing effects on various pathogenic bacteria that endanger the growth of livestock and poultry, while stimulating the proliferation of beneficial bacteria. Make the metabolic activities of intestinal flora beneficial to animals, form the best intestinal microflora, and improve the resistance and digestive function of animals.

Flavomycin can thin the intestinal wall of animals, promote the absorption of nutrients, reduce the loss of protein and energy in the metabolic process, and improve the feed conversion rate.

Product   NameBambermycin       Premix
Batch No.FLMF82207012Specification of product100g8g
Quantity1000kgPacking   size25kg/bag
Manufacture date2022.7.26Expiry   date2024.6
Analysis basisQS-FLM-001-07
TestsSpecificationsTest Results
DescriptionLight brown to brown powder or , have special odourConforms
IdentificationConforms by HPLC analysisConforms
Loss on Drying Not more than 6.0%2.7%
Granularity100% Passes the #2 sieve100%
Heavy Metals Not more than 0.002%Less than 0.002%
Arsenic SaltNot more than 0.0002%Less than 0.0002%
 Bambermycin   AMore than 50%Conforms
Packing volumeShoud conform with the standardConforms
ContentLabeled AmountContent is during 90.0%-110.0% of labeled amount.103.6%
ConclusionThe product is tested according to the Quality standard for the export of Bambermycin, and the results conform to the requirements.


1. Significant effect

Flavomycin has obvious promoting effect on animal growth, can effectively improve animal production performance, and at the same time can enhance the body's ability to resist disease and stress.

Long-term feeding has no drug resistance and cross-resistance, and can effectively eliminate the resistance to other antibiotics carried by the R-factor, so long-term use is as effective.

2. High security

Flavomycin has a large molecular weight, is not easy to produce drug resistance, is not absorbed in the digestive tract, and is excreted in its original form after functioning, and has no drug residue in animal tissues and its products; it is rapidly degraded in soil and is not absorbed by plants, which meets the requirements of Environmental requirements.

All kinds of animals have good tolerance to flavomycin, and no adverse reactions have been found in long-term feeding at 10-20 times the recommended dose; There are no incompatibility with coccidiostats, trace elements, therapeutic drugs and other feed additives.

3. Wide range of applications

As a new drug additive, flavomycin is adopted by the breeding industry of various countries in the world. It is added to various forms of feed and widely used in poultry, pigs, cattle, rabbits and aquatic animals in different growth stages.

4. Stable performance

Flavomycin premix is not only stable in performance, but also very stable in various forms of feed processing and long-term storage, and is not affected by factors such as high temperature and high pressure, puffing and granulation.


Store in dry conditions below 30º C, away from sunlight. After opening, it should be stored in a separate package.

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